Onewheel repair shops

Onewheel Repair Shops are Becoming a Thing

by freshlycharged

Onewheels are amazing devices but like any device they can break down and require maintenance and repair. I had a Onewheel stop working on me and I found a local Onewheel repair shop that was willing to diagnose and potentially repair my board.

How to repair a Onewheel out of warranty?

If your Onewheel is out of warranty you have four options for repair:

  1. Do it yourself: if you are handy and feel up to the task of taking apart, diagnosing, and repairing your broken Onewheel, this could be a fun project. YouTube is your friend. Good luck!
  2. Send it to Future Motion: You can send Onewheels to Future Motion for diagnosis and repair. Shipping costs will make this untenable for many if you live any distance from Santa Cruz and repair costs can be astronomically high from what I’ve seen and heard.
  3. Find a friend: Check out your local Onewheel group. Many have at least one guy who loves to tinker and may be willing to help you out. This is very dependent on your location and ability to network so your mileage will vary.
  4. Find a local Onewheel repair shop: yes, these places exist! I found one near me and left my Onewheel for repairs. I’ll report back with how things went with updates to this post so be sure to check back.

Why choose a local Onewheel repair shop?

Because my Onewheel was out of warranty and because I had done some prior modifications to my board, I didn’t want to waste time and money shipping my Onewheel to Santa Cruz for Future Motion to tell me it was going to cost me a fortune to repair an old Onewheel Plus.

My Onewheel is currently with Jon Stock at the Onewheel Mob Shop in Denver. They are part of a bigger Onewheel repair network called Stoke Life Service.

I choose a local repair for Onewheels out of warranty because it can be cheaper, easier, and it supports the local community.

What is Stoke Life Services for Onewheel Repair?

Taken directly from the Stoke Life Services FAQ:

How do I get in touch with the nearest repair centre?
The map shows all available repair centres. We add more all the time. Click on the icon nearest you and you will find the contact details.

Are these services certified by Onewheel/Future Motion Inc?
No. We exist because too many boards go back to Future Motion for repair due to badly-installed, third-party, after-market products. We want to make sure that everyone can spend as much time as possible riding a functioning board, and Future Motion can spend as much time as possible designing more awesome products.

How much do the services cost?
Due to the global nature of the services we cannot have standard costs across the world. However, we do have an agreed recommended standard charge for each service that varies from place to place as necessary.

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