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Have you ever been on vacation and thought to yourself that walking really sucks? My Onewheel and electric unicycle have ruined walking for me and this is magnified when we travel. Whenever I’m vacationing or visiting a new city I cringe at all the walking that I have to do to get around.

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Gliding around effortlessly on my Onewheel or on my favorite Electric Unicycle is my preferred mode of transport. I can’t think of a better way to explore a new or even a familiar city than with the Onewheel. That is why I try to have at least one Onewheel with us when we vacation.

Options to transport the Onewheel for travel and vacation are very limited. Onewheels and electric unicycles are perfect for throwing in the car for road trips but if you are flying, you can forget trying to fly with XR and electric unicycles because of the battery size.

Even flying with the Plus or the Pint which have much smaller batteries that are technically allowed to fly can be challenging with the multiple interpretations of the TSA rules and regulations on batteries.

Even though technically the Onewheel Plus battery should be able to fly, I have heard of many instances where boards were not permitted on the planes as either a check in or carry on.

I have heard of Onewheels being allowed to fly to a destination only to not be allowed on the return flight resulting in stranded Onewheels in foreign cities resulting in much stress. I have also heard of Onewheels being confiscated by airport officials.

While I have not had a bad experience when flying with my Onewheel, each trip to the airport is very stressful. That is one reason why I don’t fly with my Onewheel any more.

The biggest reason I don’t fly with my Onewheel is because I much prefer the range of my Onewheel XR over my Onewheel Plus. Because of that, I don’t feel the hassle of taking a Onewheel Plus on a plane is worth it. That is why I use or I ship my own Onewheel.

If you plan on flying to somewhere in the continental US and you want to bring your Onewheel XR, the two main options at this point are and to ship your own Onewheel. This is my second time using their service. You can see my previous video in the link.

Brand new is sweet. Riding a stock Onewheel is fun. But to make my experience more full I love my Kush Foot pads by the Float Life so I took a little extra time to install a Kush Hi on this new Onewheel XR. Check out my previous video to learn more about my new favorite footpad. is a super easy to use service. You definitely are paying for the ease of use. It took mere minutes to order the Onewheel. The Onewheel arrived right on time to my destination.

It was a 100% stock board. My only criticism would be the lack of a fender but the occasional stops to clear the pebbles from my shoes gave me time to rest my feet.

Where SUPrents shines is the ease at which it is to order, receive, and return the Onewheel. I didn’t realize that UPS stores are nearly everywhere… at least in Southern California.

The last day of my rental I just took the Onewheel to a UPS store that was just minutes from where we were riding and returned the Onewheel before their 5pm pickup time.

So easy.

Another great reason to use is to get an extended trial/demo of the board. This is a great way to try before you buy the board to see if it is for you before committing so much money to the hobby. The try before you buy program is great and I know my viewers have taken advantage of the program.

This summer vacation was spent in Southern California where we started our vacation in Los Angeles. We cruised through neighborhoods around where we’ve visited and stayed with family in Los Angeles for over 20 years.

It’s funny because even though we’ve spent over two decades visiting friends and family in this area, because of the Onewheels we are able to explore areas, neighborhoods and trails we never knew existed even though they were all within just a few miles from where we always visit.

That’s the beauty of these personal electric vehicles like the Onewheel or electric bikes, electric unicycles, and electric skateboards: they unlock a whole new world to explore.

If you have another way to travel with your Onewheel, let me know about it in the comments below. For this trip I also shipped my own Onewheel XR. If anyone is interested in how to do that, let me know in the comments below.

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