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Travel Options With a Onewheel

by freshlycharged

Once you catch the Onewheel fever you will despise walking. That is why when I travel for vacation or for business I love having my Onewheel with me. In my opinion, there is no better way to see and explore a new city than with the Onewheel.

While traveling with the Onewheel can be tricky, there are options available so you can have a beloved Onewheel with you. Here are some of my favorite options:


If you are traveling by car, taking the Onewheel is as easy as putting it in your trunk. Don’t forget the charger and safety gear! I love how portable the Onewheel is. The compact size of the Onewheel makes for easy automobile transportation.

Air Travel

Airline travel can get confusing. In short, the Onewheel XR battery cannot fly and and Onewheel Plus battery technically can but I say “technically can” because there have been instances where TSA or individual airlines have not allowed Onewheel Plus as either check in or carry on. So results may vary when flying with a Onewheel Plus.

You can read this article I wrote on the regulations for flying with an XR or Plus. No one method or technique is foolproof but there are things you can do to improve your odds of getting your Onewheel Plus onto the plane.

Read this article for tips I used when flying with my Onewheel Plus. I have successfully flown with my Onewheel Plus as a check in piece of luggage and as a carry on.

If you only have a Onewheel XR board, there are options for long distance travel. Here are some options:

Long Distance Travel Options:

Ship Your Board

Even though the XR cannot fly on passenger planes, it can be shipped. Many have had success using to ship their Onewheels at a discounted rate that is less expensive than going through FedEx or UPS yourself. I have researched using their service, but I have yet to use it.

*****UPDATE***** Until further notice, it appears that will no longer support shipping XRs or even XR batteries.

Remove and Ship the Battery

Remove and ship the battery, then fly with your batteryless board. The reason the XR cannot fly is because the battery exceeds the limits set by TSA. If you don’t want to spend the money to ship your entire board you can remove the battery from the XR and ship it separately to your destination.

You will have to check with UPS, FedEX, or what ever shipping service you use. It sounds like ground shipping is the best option for the XR battery to avoid hassles.

Bring your Onewheel as a carry on so you can show the TSA and airline agents that the battery has been removed. They may ask you to check the XR in as it is an oversized piece of luggage at the gate. Just make sure to bring the proper screws and tools to put everything back together when you reach your destination.

Get a Onewheel Plus

Since the XR is absolutely forbidden on passenger planes and no longer will ship them, you can consider getting a used Onewheel Plus as your travel Onewheel. This is what I did. I found a great deal on a lightly used Onewheel so we could take it on trips. You can read how to find a good deal on a used Onewheel in my article here.

Onewheel Rental Services

Screen Shot 2018 12 30 at 10.15.54 AM

Onewheel rental services. There are several rental services available to those in the continental United States. The service that I have tried and highly recommend is SUPrents.

SUPrents rents paddleboards, kayaks, and Onewheels that they ship directly to your destination. The whole process is stupid easy and you can read more about our experiences in my review article which is coming soon. Check out their website here at and tell them I sent you!



I hope this article has provided you with some ideas on how to travel with your Onewheel. There are multiple options for transporting your Onewheel while on vacation or on a business trip.

Each option has its pros and cons and while some travel options may be more expensive or more of a hassle than others, in the end, being able to explore a new city while on a Onewheel is an amazing experience!

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