Simply the Best Onewheel Stand: the Landslide Wall Mount

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The Landslide wall mount for the Onewheel is the best way to store and display your Onewheel vertically on your wall. The minimalistic design leaves very little footprint when not in use and is completely invisible when proudly displaying your Onewheel XR or Onewheel Pint.

Will the Landslide wall mount work for the Onewheel Pint?

The Landslide wall mount comes in two versions, a wall mount for the Onewheel XR and a separate version of the wall mount for the Onewheel Pint.

Installation of the Onewheel Landslide wall mount

Installation was easy. You’ll need a stud finder, a wall, and a drill. With the proper tools, it took a few minutes to get the mount set up.

The hardest part of the install will be deciding how high to mount your Onewheel. I recommend not mounting the Onewheel higher than you can easily lift your Onewheel while in the vertical position.

To install, just find the stud, drill holes, tighten screws, and stick on the included pads.

How secure is the Onewheel Landslide wall mount?

It takes a few tries to familiarize yourself with how to slide your Onewheel in and out of the Landslide wall mount. After you figure it out, the mount is very simple to use.

The Onewheel feels locked in place when hung vertically on the Landslide wall mount. There is zero wobble and after 3 months of usage I have had no problems with loosening or failure.

Because the bracket is a single solid piece of metal, the mount is very strong. To hang your Onewheel, simply slide your Onewheel rail behind the bracket and the Onewheel hangs from the axle/hub.

Best Onewheel Stand

Will the Onewheel Landslide wall mount work with all Onewheels and accessories?

I use the Landslide with my Onewheel Plus and Onewheel XR. This version will not work on the Onewheel Pint however, they are currently working on a version for the Pint.

Directly from the Landslide creator:

Compatible with Onewheel V1, + and XR. Fit Onewheels with Rail Guards, Sidekicks, fenders and most other accessories. A dedicated version for Onewheel Pint will be available soon.

Landslide creator

What are the flaws to the Landslide wall mount?

When hanging any heavy object on a wall, installation is key. If improperly installed, there is a chance for failure. Make sure to get those screws securely fastened into a stud and not just into drywall.

Another potential drawback could be scratches and dings in your wall. The Onewheel is heavy and can be unwieldy to lift up to hang. A few of my kids have inadvertently bumped the Onewheel into the wall while trying to hang the Onewheel.

Landslide Onewheel wall mount

The Onewheel could also scrape against the wall when hanging. If you install the small foam pads at the contact point on the wall below the mount, you will have no problem here.

Onewheel Landslide Wall Mount Final Thoughts

I love the Landslide wall mount for my Onewheels and I recommend it for anyone looking for a minimalistic way to store and display your Onewheel. The price is fantastic and if you’ve ever hung a large picture on a wall, then the installation will be simple.

Check availability and up to date pricing here for the Onewheel Landslide wall mount.

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