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6 Tips to Prevent Onewheel Foot Fatigue

by freshlycharged

In this article I’ll talk about how to prevent Onewheel foot fatigue and show you the new V2 Fishbones.

Products like Fishbones are designed to help with foot fatigue and to improve the overall experience of your ride. You stick the Fishbones on to your footpads to get that concave feeling and it is the easiest front concave solution I know of and will work for your front and your back footpads. 

Unlike other front concave solutions on the market, the Fishbones do not require any permanent alteration of your front footpad which is great for someone like me who gets a little nervous mucking around with that front foot sensor. 

If you haven’t seen my video on Onewheel Ghosting, you should check that out. There I discuss the potential dangers of a faulty front sensor which can result in a runaway board otherwise known as ghosting.

Ghosting can happen on any board… brand new or modded… but for me, the less I have to alter the front footpad, the less I have to worry about ghosting.

Here’s what the Fishbones people had to say about their product:

– give you crazy amounts of control over your board

– won’t break

– won’t chip

– NO modification needed, apply directly to grip


– softer than plastics and better for the environment 

– doesn’t add height to the original footpads 

– allows for superior carving

– eliminates speed wobble

– customize or match your float plates, fender, or rail protection

– take drops, bonks, and slides with confidence

Tips for Stopping Onewheel Foot Fatigue

Now that we understand that Onewheel foot fatigue comes from the combination of using muscles groups in a way that we don’t normally use them that easily tires the muscles out, the next question is how do we stop the effects of foot fatigue.

  1. Hands down, the most important way to fight foot fatigue is to build up the endurance of those stabilizer muscles in your feet and the only way to do that is to practice. The more you do something, the better you will get at it. The more you ride, the stronger you will become and you will find the crampy achy feeling in your feet during long rides will slowly go away as your skill and endurance increases.
  2. Take frequent breaks when you feel fatigued. Foot fatigue results in sloppy riding technique which can lead to injury. Take frequent breaks when you feel your feet getting achy. Have a seat. Stretch and shake out your feet to loosen them up for the next leg of the journey.
  3. Stretch your feet and wiggle your toes while riding. There’s a tendency for new riders to keep their feet firmly planted and in place on the foot pads. Try little movements like wiggling your toes or just shifting your feet slightly while riding. Subtle movements will encourage blood flow and reduce fatigue. 
  4. Fight foot fatigue by carving. Carving encourages movement of the small and large muscle groups of the lower extremities. It alternates the usage of muscles in the legs and feet, working some muscles while giving other muscles a break. The contracting and relaxing muscles in the legs when performing a carving motion actually help to squeeze and pump blood to the muscles in your tired feet. So get out there and carve! It’s a ton of fun too!
  5. Some recommend shoe inserts while others recommend different types of skater type shoes. This may be helpful to beginners. Once you build up enough endurance using the previous tips, you’ll be able to wear just about any shoe and ride without much foot fatigue.
  6. After you’ve tried all those different methods, if you still feel like your feet are killing you while on long rides, then try some of the different footpads or products like Fishbones. No one product will be a foot fatigue cure all for everyone, but there may be a product that works for you.

If you have any other foot fatigue solutions, let us know about it in the comments.

The most striking thing with these guys is the looks. I credit the makers for thinking outside the box and coming up with such a unique design. Not only are Fishbones unique, I think they look good too. I love that I was able to get a set that matches my orange magnetic craft and ride fender.

My thoughts on Fishbones?

Installation was simple. We’ll see how well the adhesive holds to the grip tape, but so far so good. Fishbones are the easiest to install front footpad concave solution in the market and it does not require messing with your griptape and sensor.

Performance wise, the concave shape is a treat for my front foot, something that I have yet to experience with any other product. I do feel more confident with deeper carving and I did not have any issues with my front footpad sensor.

To learn more about Fishbones, check out their website:

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