Onewheel GT Ghosting

Onewheel GT DOA and Ghosting: Should We Be Concerned?

by freshlycharged

The new Onewheel GT seems to have some serious problems.

There have been a number of reports of Onewheel GTs coming to customers, dead on arrival (DOA). This seems to be an alarming trend.


Dead Onewheels are bad but ghosting Onewheels are worse.

After battery fires, Onewheel ghosting is one of my worst fears when it comes to Onewheel malfunctions.

Ghosting is when a Onewheel continues to balance and run even after the rider has disengaged the front footpad sensor. The Onewheel acts as if possessed by a ghost as it continues on its own and the effects can be devastating.

There have been several reports of ghosting on the new Onewheel GT. This case was caught on camera and it’s crazy how far the Onewheel travels on its own. That ghost was having one heck of a time.

I have seen at least two other reports on the Onewheel Group Facebook page. Are these isolated incident or do they reflect the tip of an iceberg?

Some may poke fun of ghosting and say “GT” is actually short for “GhosT.”

In my opinion, Onewheel ghosting can be more dangerous than a nosedive. If I were to nosedive on a Onewheel and get injured, I signed up for the risk and potential injury the minute I got on the Onewheel.

In the event that I dismount my Onewheel and the self balancing missile on one wheel decides to keep going instead of turning off, what happens if it shoots into a crowd of pedestrians, or into traffic, or off a bridge onto a freeway?

In those instances, the potential for harm and injury from the Onewheel now endangers innocent bystanders who did not sign up for the risk that comes with riding a Onewheel.

While the proposed hypothetical scenarios I mentioned above sound fictional, I’ve actually seen ghosting in real person happen twice on group rides with a Onewheel hurling toward a pedestrian and a Onewheel that kept going until it slammed into a building.

Here’s a video of an episode of ghosting I caught on camera that nearly hit my son:

After all the hype and anticipation for the Onewheel GT, dead Onewheels out of the box and ghosting Onewheels is terrible for the Onewheel community and company.

Problems during a new product launch is nothing new, but is the potential for damage, injury and death from a ghosted Onewheel enough to warrant a product recall?

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