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Onewheel Group Ride Tips

by freshlycharged

Are you getting ready for your first Onewheel group ride? In this article I’ll share with you some tips I’ve learned from my experiences to help you have a fun and safe time.

I’ve participated in group rides all around the country with all types of personal electric vehicles  from Onewheels, to EUCs, to Escooters, Ebikes, and eskate and I absolutely love group rides. 

Group rides are an amazing way to make friends, improve riding skills, explore new territory, and have an absolute blast.

After having joined group rides in Colorado, New York, Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada and Hawaii, from my experiences here are 10 things I’ve learned to ensure a safe and enjoyable group ride experience.

At the end I’ve included a list of many of the group ride videos I’ve made.

Be courageous:

It took me awhile to work up the courage to join my first group ride and my biggest regret was waiting so long to join one! Instead of finding excuses not to go on a group ride, how about you find a group ride and go join it!

Technically a group is two or more people that have something in common so if there isn’t an active group near you, find someone to ride with and make your own group to ride with.

If you are fortunate enough to live in a PEV friendly city, then consider yourself lucky. Find out why I think Portland is the most PEV friendly city in this article I wrote.

Facebook is a good way to find other riders around you. Check out this group ride finder that I created.

Be fully charged:

I’ve hurried to group rides only to realize that my Onewheel was only at half charge. Forgetting to charge your device before a ride is a huge bummer, especially if you don’t have the juice to make it to the first charging spot. 

Screen Shot 2019 11 21 at 5.43.35 PM

Be outgoing:

Once you’ve found a group to ride with, make an effort to introduce yourself to new people. Put yourself out there. Most group rides start off with a bunch of people just hanging out and talking so go and mingle.

I know it can be hard to meet new people, it certainly was for me. At heart I’m an introvert, but I’ve learned that no matter how different you may feel from everyone else at the group ride, we all share a love for electric rideable devices and if you put on a big smile and introduce yourself, you may just make some new friends.

Be geared up:

Bring your Onewheel, EUC, Eskate, escooter… whatever it is you’ll be riding and bring a charger… unless you’re riding one of those new EUCs or escooters with incredible range.

If you’re on a Onewheel, you’ll need your charger especially if the group stops to charge, eat, drink, and hang out.

Also, like I always say, don’t forget your safety gear! You’ll be riding in new territory with new people which can push you to do things you are not accustomed to. Be safe and wear safety gear!

Be on time:

Some groups start late and some are very punctual. If you are late and miss the pack before they depart, you may have a hard time playing catch up.

Plus, some of the best fun happens when everyone is first gathering and gearing up. If it’s your first  group ride, be on time and meet some riders while you’re waiting for everyone to show up.

Be yourself:

Don’t be afraid to ride at your own pace. Group rides are like salad dressings. Some stay mixed like a Ranch or Blue Cheese dressing while others separate out like oil and vinegar.

If you find yourself in a group ride that’s dividing into a fast and slow group don’t sweat it if you are in the slow group. After all, that’s where I usually hang!

Here’s a bonus tip for group ride leaders:

If you are leading the group, don’t take off and leave everyone behind: either make an effort to stop and make sure the entire group is together or separate into groups by speed and have a leader who  knows the route in each group.

Seattle Onewheel EUC group ride

Be willing to learn:

You may find yourself in the company of very skilled riders. Please, take this opportunity to learn from them. I’ve learned new skills on group rides like how to ride backwards or how to jump on my EUC. Push yourself outside your comfort zone but not so far that you exceed your abilities to ride safely.

Be accepting:

As humans we can be a tribal and elitist people. We seek out those similar to us and we shun or look down upon those that may be different. Don’t be an elitist.

It doesn’t matter if someone’s riding a Onewheel Pint, electric unicycle or an electric scooter just like it doesn’t matter if someone is white, black, red or blue.

We are all joined by our love for PEVs and to build a sense of community, so let’s have fun! If you see someone who looks like they are new to the hobby, introduce yourself and make a friend.

EUC Group ride

Be safe:

Don’t sneak up while passing others. These electric devices are sneaky quiet and I’ve seen too many accidents of people trying to pass other riders on their blind side only to get clipped and crash because of an unexpected turn or carve by the rider being passed.

A simple “on your left” or “on your right” goes a long way. In similar regard, call out and warn your fellow riders of dangerous obstacles, cyclists, vehicles, and pedestrians in an effort to keep everyone safe.

Be respectful:

Respect local laws, traffic, pedestrians, cyclists, Segway tour groups, pets, horses, children, wild animals, and anything else you may find on the roads, sidewalks, or trails.

As PEV riders, we are ambassadors of a new electric movement and our words and actions represent the riding community, whether we like it or not.


Got any other PEV group ride tips? Please share in the comments below. 

Humans are social creatures. We need that feeling of belonging and of being a part of  something. For this reason I believe, group rides are going to be more important going forward than ever before as we emerge from our social isolation. 

We need group rides for the mental, social, and physical health of PEV riders and the PEV community.

Here’s a list of some of my group ride videos (riding EUC, Onewheel, eskate, etc):

New Orleans, LA

Portland, OR

Honolulu, HI

Los Angeles, CA

Boulder, CO

Seattle, WA

Honolulu, HI

Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, NV (Night Ride)

Las Vegas, NV

Denver, CO

Denver, CO

Denver, CO

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