Best Places to Onewheel In San Diego (San Diego Onewheel Rental guest post)

Best Places to Onewheel In San Diego (San Diego Onewheel Rental guest post)

by freshlycharged

San Diego is arguably one of the best places in the country to explore on a Onewheel, solowheel, scooter, or other electric rideable.  

With year round good weather, water everywhere you turn, and bike paths galore, you can spend countless hours cruising around without ever getting bored, or running out of things to see. 

Here is a list of the best places I’ve found after years of riding in San Diego with minimal vehicle and pedestrian traffic as well as places along the way to charge up if the need arises. 

Pro Tip: A Lot of people don’t know this, but when in google maps, you can switch your view to the “bicycling” option in settings which will highlight some of the best routes in a particular area for riding. That’s what you’re seeing in every screenshot below. 

Mission Bay

It’s hard to beat the Mission Bay bike/pedestrian paths that surround most it.  This area is friendly to electric rideables, has amazing views of the water, and plenty of bars/restaurants/coffee shops to charge up along the way. 

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This area is an amazing place to ride as it takes you past some of San Diego’s most iconic landmarks such as the San Diego harbor, USS Midway, Seaport Village and more. I would not recommend this area for beginners as there is heavy pedestrian traffic you will have to maneuver around. 

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Coronado Island, and Tidelands Park

Here’s where things get a bit messy. Technically, Coronado Island has banned all electric scooter and motorized vehicles from its bike paths and roadways. However, since the Onewheel isn’t classified as a motorized vehicle you can usually get away with riding here. It’s possible, although unlikely you would get stopped or ticketed. In the unlikely event it does happen, I would plead ignorance, and take your ride elsewhere. In two years of riding here I have never been stopped. 

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The Strand

If you get kicked off Coronado Island, it’s time to head to the strand.  This beautiful strip of bike path between Coronado Island and Imperial Beach is wide open with little to no people on it at any time. 


Ocean Beach & San Diego River Area

This long path that goes along the San Diego river is a beautiful spot to explore taking you right into the heart of Ocean Beach with its many shops, bars, restaurants, and hippie vibes

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La Jolla/Birdrock

Although the sidewalks and bike paths are limited in this area, the streets are quiet, and there are countless things to see along the way such as La Jolla cove, Children’s Pool, and as well as shops, restaurants, and neighborhoods to explore

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Balboa Park

A cruise around San Diego isn’t complete without a stop off in Balboa Park. This entire area is covered in rideable paths but be warned it can be pedestrian heavy at times.


Places to avoid

Pacific beach: Minimal bike paths, rowdy drunks, crazy drivers

Mission beach boardwalk: Very touristy with tons of people and vehicles to dodge

Sunset Cliffs: Street riding only, no bike paths, lots of traffic

Want to float on a beach at low tide?

Technically there are no “motorized vehicles” allowed on San Diego beaches, however since the Onewheel isn’t classified as a vehicle, it usually isn’t a problem.  I would recommend avoiding areas with a lot of lifeguards or people for peace of mind. Best options in my opinion would be Pacific Beach near Law st. 

Pacific Beach near Law St. 

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Scripps to Blacks Beach

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There are far too many other places to ride in San Diego to list here, but hopefully this gives you a good overview of some of the best spots.  

What are your recommendations of best places to ride? Let me hear them in the comments below!

-The guest post was written by Jesse Currie, owner and operator of San Diego Onewheel Rentals. If you are in town, you should definitely check it out.

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