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A Real Onewheel Pint Review (updated)

by freshlycharged

Onewheel Pints are being delivered and the reviews are coming in! So far the reception has been positive. The newest addition to the Onewheel family is more refined and comes in a smaller and lighter package.

I have been putting some miles on my Onewheel Pint and I must say that it feels different while still feeling the same. Check out my video review here:

The ride is best described as zippy. The Pint accelerates better than its bigger brother the Onewheel XR. Initial reports coming in are that the range is as advertised and some are saying that the little overachiever is getting more than the 8 mile range!

Speed addicts will be sad to hear that the Pint truly tops out at around 15 mph and thereafter the pushback is much more noticeable than on its predecessors. This is bad for speed demons but I think its good to help prevent the dreaded nosedive (when you over power a Onewheel and the nose comes crashing into the ground, throwing you off the board).

I spoke to two Onewheel pros to ask them their thoughts on the Pint.

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Jeff McCosker, head of the Float Life, a Onewheel accessory company, had the following to say:

I’ll come right out and say it. When I first stepped on the Pint, I instantly disliked it…

Jeff McCosker

Read Jeff’s full review here.

Here is a video of my unboxing.

Up until now, most information on the Onewheel Pint has come from tech websites and news outlets that have taken most of their information about the Pint from the information and little footage that Future Motion has released online to the public.

I wanted to know how the Onewheel Pint, the newest member to the Onewheel family, really compares to the other models and what an experienced rider that has actually been on the Pint thought of this new device.

Recently, Andrew Stroh, better known as SlydogStroh, had the chance to test ride the Onewheel Pint. Andrew, who lives and rides in Chicago, is one of the most well known and experienced Onewheel riders around and I reached out to him to get his thoughts of the Onewheel Pint.

The Onewheel Pint uses the same motor as the Onewheel XR (currently the highest end model of the Onewheel fleet), a 750 watt motor. Andrew feels that because of this the Onewheel Pint feels like it has the same amount of power as the Onewheel XR.

The Pint is on the XR level, just minus the range… it feels like an XR in a smaller package.


From there, the Onewheel Pint differs from previous Onewheel models in several way. Andrew says that the smaller Onewheel Pint has an improved design package over the previous models and I must agree that the Onewheel Pint seems like a device that would get fewer of the, “did you make that?” comments that I frequently get asked when out on my Onewheel.

Obviously the Onewheel Pint is less expensive than previous models. It comes with the Light Bar to give visual queues to the rider without needing to pull out a phone which Andrew loved.

Andrew sees the new Simple Stop technology, an easier way to dismount the board, as a great way to get more people riding. While he hated Simple Stop himself, this feature can be turned off for experienced riders like himself.

Another difference that Andrew pointed out was the Unilli tire on the Onewheel Pint which is a change from the previous models which have used Vega slick tires. The Unilli tire is smaller and has a more rounded contour. In a previous video I noted that it seemed like many of the test riders seemed unsteady on this tire and wondered if it was because of the shape of the tire.

Andrew recommends new riders inflate the tire to a PSI of 15 for more stability. SlydogStroh says he likes a more nimble feel so therefore he prefers a higher PSI.

Andrew was also not a fan of the grip tape but I’m sure third party vendors will have some great options for that soon.

As far as charge time, the stock charger that comes with the Onewheel Pint has a very long charge time at approximately 2 hours. You can get the optional Ultracharger which will cut the charge time down to a reported 50 minutes, but that is still a long time to wait especially if you plan on doing a group ride.

At the lower price point to make the Onewheel Pint more accessible to the masses, some compromises had to be made and it seems like those compromises were with the battery and the charger. In terms of ride experience and feel, Andrew Stroh gives the Onewheel Pint his endorsement.

However, Andrew does have some thoughts on which board you should get if you are really considering to get into the “Float Life.” Check out what Andrew had to say in his interview with me here:

Make sure to also read this review from one of the most experienced Onewheelers who actually didn’t like his first experience on the Pint.

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