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The Onewheel has got to be one of the most fun and unique ways to explore a new city when traveling. I have taken my Onewheel Plus to New York City, San Diego, and Maui, Hawaii and have had an amazing time with each trip. Here’s my most updated blog on our most recent vacation using SUPrents.

Each time I travel with my Onewheel I find myself worrying over multiple issues. Here are some of the things I fret over when preparing to travel with my Onewheel:

  • I really wish I could bring my XR, but I know I cannot fly with the XR battery.
  • What is the best way to pack the Onewheel Plus, my helmet, and my wrist guards?
  • Should I try to carry on the Onewheel or check it in as a piece of luggage?
  • What paperwork should I bring to help get my Onewheel through airport security?
  • What will I do with my Onewheel if TSA rejects my Onewheel at the airport?

I have chronicled a lot of these Onewheel travel experiences in prior articles and videos. While personally I have never had an issue flying with my Onewheel Plus, I know many who have had problems and the fear that TSA will confiscate my board is always in the back of my head.

For our Christmas family vacation to Southern California we wanted to be able to explore and play on Onewheels, but we did not want the hassle of having to travel with the Onewheel so we decided to try out is a service that rents out inflatable paddle boards and Onewheels to anywhere in the continental United States. You order your Onewheel Plus or Onewheel XR online which then gets shipped to your destination. Then you enjoy your Onewheel for the duration of the rental period and at the end of the rental period you put the Onewheel back in the box and drop it off for shipping.

Screen Shot 2018 12 30 at 10.15.54 AM

I was hesitant to use the rental service for several reasons. I love my boards because they are customized the way I like it with fenders, customized footpads, handles and Fangs. In addition, I did not like the thought of spending extra money to rent a Onewheel whenI already owned two at home.

After thinking it through we decided that renting was the best way to go for us. Since we were traveling for Christmas, our luggage and hands would be filled with gifts for friends and family. We have only traveled with a Onewheel Plus which has left us stranded due to its disappointing range. I have been stranded in random neighborhoods in New York City and in Maui, Hawaii.

The thought of having an XR with the vastly improved range when vacationing was very enticing!

The service was a breeze. I went to the website, chose the option to rent the Onewheel XR for a 3 day rental, declined additional coverage and helmet options since we were bringing our own, checked off the waiver box, and then entered in the address to where I wanted the Onewheels delivered.

Screen Shot 2019 01 02 at 4.43.56 PM

It was super easy. So easy that I felt like I had missed a step. I called the help phone number and spoke to Eric who was very helpful answering my questions and putting my mind at ease that the Onewheels would be waiting for me in San Diego when we arrived.

We chose to rent two Onewheel XR’s for 3 days with the rental period extended from Sunday to Wednesday.

I packed helmets and wrist guards along with all our luggage and Christmas presents for the relatives. When we got to my brother’s home in Southern California the Onewheels were waiting for us under the Christmas tree. It was ridiculously easy.

Because we opted for a 3 day rental, the return date ended on Christmas. Normally we would need to return the Onewheel in the same packaging that it was shipped in at any UPS. Since UPS was closed on Christmas, we got to keep the Onewheels for an additional day at no extra charge!

The Onewheels arrived early at my brother’s home in San Diego on Friday afternoon and the one wheeled beauties were waiting under the Christmas tree for us when we arrived on early Sunday morning.

The Onewheels were basically brand new with barely a scratch and both with less than 10 miles on the odometer. The Onewheels came in their original packaging with no modifications from the stock boards which looked like they came straight from the factory.

The packaged Onewheels came with a simple sheet of instructions and shipping labels. Nothing complicated at all.

Being able to ride the XR’s in Southern California was amazing fun. It was a great experience to be able to ride stock XR’s and it was even more fun to be able to spread the stoke to family and friends.

We had the Onewheels in our car wherever we went and got to ride on the beaches of San Diego, through the streets of Old Town San Diego, on the hills overlooking the beaches of Los Angeles, and on the streets of where I grew up in Orange County.

Returning the Onewheels was also super easy after our 3 day rental was over. On the final day of renting the Onewheels needed to be packed and dropped off at a UPS store before 5 pm.

Once the Onewheels were boxed and the shipping labels affixed, I dropped them off at a local UPS store which took me less than 5 minutes in the store. Again, I felt like it was too easy.

That was it. Super easy and low hassle. No worries about having to take go through airport security. No more worries about having my Onewheel denied and stranded or confiscated by TSA agents. Best of all, we were able to enjoy riding XR’s without any range anxiety.

Check out our most recent vacation experience with SUPrents here.


We made a ton of great memories on these rental Onewheels during our vacation. I really enjoyed the service and would definitely recommend using It is the easiest way to have a Onewheel XR on your next vacation.

If you are planning a vacation or if you are considering purchasing a Onewheel but would like to test ride one for an extended period of time, this is a great option. Story and Fine Print story which can be found on the website…

Like any good business SUPrents was born out of frustration. Cofounders Eric and Scott both love to travel and love the water.  The love for those 2 things led them to rent paddle boards on multiple family vacations. Unfortunately, both had similar experiences renting.  It was inconvenient, the boards weighed a ton and they were super expensive. Who wants to pay $80 for 1 day on the water?

With those factors in mind they set out to shake up the rental industry by shipping  paddle board packages to your front door. Wherever, that front door may be. They bought super light Isle inflatable paddle boards that even a child can carry.  Then they cut the cost….. a lot! The most popular rental option is a week long rental where the cost of the board package is less than $27 per day! Lastly, they always put the customer first!  They don’t want to make thousands of people “kind of” like SUPrents. They want thousands of people to LOVE SUPrents!

Eric and his beautiful family

Eric and his beautiful family

Eric Lindstrom – Cofounder

Eric had a spirit for adventure bread into him at an early age.  He was born in the Pacific Northwest (PNW), however his parents packed up their lives and moved the family to Australia.  As a teenager they eventually made their way back to the PNW where he and Scott would start a lifelong friendship while bonding over a love for traditional sports and adventure sports.  

Eric has a B.F.A. in Film Production from Chapman University.  You can see Eric’s degree being put to work if you check out our Instagram feed and video section on the website.  

After finishing college Eric married Kelly and they soon found Australia calling their names.  After 2 years of marriage in San Diego they decided to pack up their lives and move to Australia.  While living in Australia Eric worked for a property management company and also played professional basketball for the Stirling Senators in Perth.  They would live and work in Perth for 2 years, and then find their way back to the PNW and establish a permanent home in Bend, Oregon. After being there for 2 years they welcomed Eloise Scout (who has had a few cameo appearances in the Instagram feed) into the world.  

In addition to cofounding Eric also founded Summit to the Sea: Media Arts Experience.  Summit to the sea is dedicated to educating, celebrating and inspiring local youths in the pursuit of filmmaking, photography and outdoor adventure sports.


Scott Allen- Cofounder

Scott was born and raised in Eastern Washington, where he met and fell in love with his high school sweetheart Morgan.  Morgan and Scott were married in 2006 and have two beautiful children Amelia (5) and Parker (3) who have also had multiple cameos in the Instagram feed and website.  

As mentioned before Scott and Eric first bonded over their love of sports however the two carried that passion in different directions.  While Eric went on to play professional basketball in Australia Scott transitioned to Ironman triathlon. As an Ironman competitor Scott was able to qualify and race in the Ironman World Championship held each year in Kona, Hawaii and the 70.3 World Championship.  When all was said and done he became a 4 time Ironman finisher. His triathlon career has been placed on hold for the time being so he can focus on raising a family and running a business.

Rental and Damage Liability Waiver

Here is the fine print that you can find on the website that may be interest to you.

I hereby agree that by renting any equipment from Sup Rents LLC, I accept liability for any damages or injury that may occur while using any of the equipment- regardless of its condition- rented from Sup Rents LLC.  By signing this agreement I understand that I am waiving my right to bring a court of action to recover compensation or obtain any other remedy for any injury to myself, my property, or my death, however caused, arising out of my use of any equipment from Sup Rents LLC.  I understand that there are inherent risks associated with the activities offered by SUP Rents LLC including but not limited to kayaking, standup paddle boarding and Onewheel electric skateboard use.

I understand that equipment and safety devices are provided for my use (such as the leash, and helmet).  I understand that SUP Rents LLC does not provide a personal flotation device (PFD). If I feel that I need a PFD it is my responsibility to provide my own. I agree that I will be solely responsible for proper use of safety and other equipment and procedures.  It is my responsibility to inspect all equipment. I, the undersigned user-or guardian of user-HEREBY RELEASE on behalf of myself, my heirs, representatives, managers, successors, executors and administrators of Sup Rents LLC its officers, agents, and employees from any cause of action, claims, or demands whatsoever including, but not limited to, a claim of negligence.

I also agree that if equipment is damaged, lost or misplaced that I rent from Sup Rents LLC I will pay for the losses or damages.  I agree that if Sup Rents LLC incurs any cost associated with recovery of payment for damages or losses (such as court costs, collection costs and/or attorney costs) that I will reimburse or pay Sup Rents LLC for these costs as well as the cost of the damaged items.

It is solely the discretion of Sup Rents LLC to determine if damaged equipment will be repaired or replaced at the renter’s expense.

I (renters) am responsible for ensuring all equipment is properly used and attached. I also agree to not operate the equipment under the influence of drugs or alchohol.

Sup Rents LLC. I understand that the terms of this agreement are legally binding and I certify that I am signing this agreement, after having carefully read it, of my own free will.

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