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8 Onewheel Beach Riding Tips

by freshlycharged

You’ve all seen the videos and even the Future Motion commercials of people having a great time effortlessly riding their Onewheels on some beautiful beach. If you have ever tried it you will find out that it is not as easy as it may seem. Here are my tips for riding on the beach with a Onewheel.

Know that the Onewheel is NOT Waterproof!

Contrary to popular belief the Onewheel is not waterproof. It may have advertised as waterproof at one point but it is definitely not waterproof so don’t ride it into the water! The Onewheel is water resistant, which means that it can tolerate being exposed to small amounts of water for short periods of time, but in no way should you think that the Onewheel is waterproof. There have been many bricked Onewheels and many Onewheel warranties voided because of water damage. Salt water can be especially damaging to electronics so make sure to dry off those board shorts before you step onto that Onewheel.

There are ways to help make your board more water resistant such as getting covers for your plug port and power buttons. These ports are especially helpful to keep find sand from getting stuck in the power button which is a known problem. Read more about these covers here. There is even a kit that claims to make your Onewheel water proof, but I have yet to try it.

Riding on the Sand is Not that Easy!

Not all sand is created equal. Dry loose sand is very difficult to ride on. As soon as you hit an undulation in the sand your wheel digs in and your board gets stuck. To avoid this you need to find a beach surface that is smooth and packed. The best place is near the water. But don’t get too close or a rogue wave may get you. Riding near the water, but not too close, will find you that smooth surface where the sand is packed down hard enough that you will be able to ride comfortably.

Stay on the Roads Most Traveled.

If sand is not your thing and you don’t want to risk damage to your board then consider sticking to the beach walking/riding paths. People have been riding bikes, skateboards and rollerblades for decades on scenic paths along the beach. These paths are perfect for beach cruising on your Onewheel.

Bring a Lock!

The Onewheel is expensive and you would hate to have it stolen. When I go to the beach I often plan to go into the water, but the thought of leaving the Onewheel exposed and alone is scary. If you are with a group, you can ask someone to keep an eye on your board. However, if this is not possible then bring a lock and secure it to something like a lifeguard tower. Some life guards may not like it but most are so amazed by the technology, they are more than happy to help you keep an eye on your land surfboard. I also like to cover my board with a towel when not in use. Out of sight and out of mind makes it less likely to get stolen. If you are looking for a good lock for your Onewheel, check out this article.

Keep the Board Out of Direct Sunlight When Not in Use.

The stock grip tape is known to have problems with its adhesive. Beaches are sunny places, often with little shade. If the Onewheel gets too hot, the adhesive loosens and the grip tape can shift. Keep it out of the direct sun. As above, this can easily be done by draping a towel over it.

Bring a Charger.

Few surfaces drain the battery more than sand. Be prepared to have half the normal range than you are used to or less. Don’t get stranded having to carry a dead board. It’s not fun. Trust me.

Be prepared to draw attention.

People go to the beach to enjoy the scenery and this includes people watching. The Onewheel will certainly draw a lot of attention so be ready to spread the stoke and tell curious onlookers about the board.

Clean your board after a day at the beach.

Do not rinse off your board. The potential for water damage is high. To clean my board I shake and brush off the excess sand. Then I use a damp rag or towel to get anything else off of the board. The grip tape, which is a little harder to clean, I use a rubber cleaning stick. Check out this article on how to clean your Onewheel.

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