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Over 20 Common Complaints about the Onewheel Pint

by freshlycharged

To put out a product that looks and feels refined and performs like the Pint does is very impressive considering the cost… but it’s not all amazing. I’m going to go over some of the most common criticisms of the Pint while going on a range test.

The thing about technology is it tends to get better over time. The Pint is no different. It is great. It’s better than I expected. That being said, it is far from perfect. As humans, it’s natural to complain, so that’s what I’m going to do in this video. I want to go over some of the common gripes and complaints about the Pint and see if they hold up.

1. Bluetooth connection: what’s new? It was buggy with the Plus and XR. It’s buggy with the Pint. You think they would have fixed this issue with the Pint, but it seems like bluetooth connection problems are plaguing many people. While it may not seem like a big deal, but it is to the folks who like to log their rides on the Onewheel app. Imaging being a leader on the Onewheel board for day streaks only to lose your streak due to an app malfunction. Frustrating. This problem is indefensible. Why can’t they get this right? I have bluetooth everything, from my car to my earphones and they all work perfectly. What is the problem here? But honestly, I hardly ever connect my app to my board. I just set up my board to either mission for daily use or Delerium for trail use and I just go so I don’t have to mess with the finiky bluetooth connection.

2. Strong pushback: what’s worse, strong pushback or a nosedive? I may be alone on this one, but I welcome anything that makes the Onewheel safer. Many view pushback as an annoyance, something that prevents you from going faster. I view it as a way for the board to tell you that you need to slow down. Disregard pushback, and you increase your chances of a nosedive. If anything, I’m going to complain we don’t have a better system of warning you of an impending nosedive… something like an audible alert system.

3. Cheap: half the price, but not half the quality… if anything it is more refined and finished than its predecessors. Remember when you used to get asked, “did you make that?” all the time… yeah, that doesn’t happen with the Pint.

4. Too expensive: At $950, this puts the Pint on par with the high end smartphones. It’s not XR money, but it’s still not chump change. Yes, the Pint will cost you over a grand once you consider the fender and other accessories and safety gear, but comparing it to electric skateboards and electric unicycles, I think the price point is perfect. Under a $1000 is a magical price point that makes this item just within the price range of a lot of people.

5. Too small: Our society seems to conflate height with power and success. In a world where taller people seem to rule, and the tall are literally and figuratively, “looked up to” finally, us medium to small people get rewarded. Yes, the Pint is smaller. Your feet will hang off the edges if you have big feet. You know what they say about guys with big feet? Their toes will hang off the edge of the Pint. feet on footpad, longboard vs penny board? I think the smaller size of the Pint is perfect. Forget tall dark and handsome, I want small, dark and zippy.

6. Decreased top speed: Pushback happens at 15 mph, earlier and harder than on prior Onewheel models. I’m fine with that. That was what it was advertised. It is not a speed machine. It’s a Stoke Machine! And to make up for the loss of top speed, we get increased torque which makes the board feel more zippy and quick. This is not a fast board. It’s a quick board.

7. Plastic footpad: remember when skiis and surfboards used to be made completely of wood? Well now their not because more modern materials as lighter and just as strong if not stronger. Sure, skateboards still use wood because it is cheap, durable, and mostly because its flexible. The Onewheel does not flex. Even with the older models, the wood footplates of the Onewheel hearken back to its skateboard ancestery but the wood plates are attached to rigid aluminum rails. There is no flex or give in this thing which renders the wood nothing more than asthetics.

8. Simple Stop sucks: it’s for beginners. If you are an advanced rider or if you don’t like it, turn it off!

9. It’s less stable: call it squirrley, wobbly, or nimble and maneuverable it’s all about perspective. Many people like the nimbleness, maneuverability and agility of the rounded wheel of the Pint. There’s a reason why many experienced riders swap out their stock Vega tires on their XR for more rounded options. It just feels more carvier.

10. Charge time: after exploring other PEMD, I’m seeing that the charge time is standard on most devices, from my electric skateboard to my EUC, the standard charge time is long ranging from 2-3 hours and most venders offer an upgraded fast charger. We were spoiled by the charge time of the Plus at 20 min. Consider getting the hypercharger or adapter from Land-Surf if you already have an XR charger.

11. Range: advertised 6-8 miles and people are getting that. That’s great because most vendors tend to overstate and over promise range. In this case, FM has understated the range. Underpromise, and over deliver is what FM has done here, which is refreshing! Some people are reporting much more. Chris Richardson got 17 miles when he tried to set a range record.

12. Missing the front hand grip: “People say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Truth is, you knew what you had, you just never thought you’d lose it.” This will take getting use to. But I’m going to be the eternal optimist here and focus on what we do have, which is the innovative new mag handle, rather than focus on what we don’t have, which is the front grip which no one ever said they really liked until it was gone. The mag handle is great, but old habits will be hard to break.

13. No Custom shaping: enjoy the new Pint shaping for now. I have to believe that custom shaping for the Pint is in the future.

14. Can’t travel on airplanes with it: That is debatable and your results may vary. Technically, it is within TSA travel limits, but it is up to the discretion of the TSA and also up to the individual airlines as to whether they will allow you to fly with it. Thanks alot, exploding hoverboard batteries!

15. It’s not an XR!: No it’s not. It’s not as big, It’s not as fast. It doesn’t go as far. But it also costs almost half as much!

16. The FM accessories are terrible and overpriced: True. Can’t argue that!

17. The Pint can’t handle going off road.

18. The Light is not bright enough: True. Can’t argue that.

19. Ground clearance: lower to the ground because of the smaller wheel, but the shorter length cancels out the smaller wheel so ground clearance is similar to the prior Onewheels (it’s called geometry).

20. The Pint rolls over easier when dismounting. Because of the more rounded edge of the wheel on the Pint, when jump dismounting the Pint tends to roll over easier than prior models.

21. My lock won’t work on the Pint. If you used a U-lock to lock your XR or Plus, that same lock probably won’t work on your Pint because there is little room between the rail and wheel with the new design. I’ve tried various locks and my go-to mini U-lock which is great for my XR and Plus will not work on the Pint. Cable locks will work on the Pint but they are easily broken into. My go to lock for the Pint right now is this titanium lock that I will be doing a review on soon.

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