Onewheel Rental Review

New Onewheel App Update (late 2020)

by freshlycharged

When it comes to personal electric vehicles, the Onewheel app is the best in the game. It’s not perfect, but at least Future Motion consistently updates and improves upon the app whereas other PEV companies treat it as an afterthought.

Here are some of the highlights to this newest update for 2020:

  • Board centric model to a user centric model: App is now connected to the rider and not any particular board so gain miles and achievements with the app no matter what board you ride.
  • Achievement badges: earn badges for reaching certain goals.
  • Board offline: no more losing your stats when you turn off your Onewheel. If the app is open, it will log your latest stats.
  • Autoconnect: choose a board for your app to auto connect to.
  • Charging stations & Food: designate charging spots for fellow riders to follow in your footsteps.
Screen Shot 2020 11 27 at 7.42.17 AM
Screen Shot 2020 11 27 at 7.42.27 AM
Screen Shot 2020 11 27 at 7.48.42 AM

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