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When is the NEXT GEN Onewheel Coming? Should I bite on one now?

by freshlycharged

If you are wondering about getting your first Onewheel but you are waiting because you are worried that the next generation Onewheel is right around the corner, then you have come to the right place.

In a recent Instagram Live with Kyle Doerksen, the Onewheel creator and the founder of Future Motion, Kyle agreed that if you are on the fence about buying a Onewheel but are worried that a new version is coming out soon, you should just get it now. You can watch that clip here at the 12 minute mark:

This aligns with my prediction that we won’t see a new Onewheel in 2020.

In the interview with Kyle Doerksen, some of other highlights include the statement that Onewheel is thriving. This is good news given the fact that other escooter and eskate businesses are failiing.

Finally, I was disappointed to hear that swappable batteries is not in the future for the Onewheel. It seems that inventing a single wheeled self balancing machine was difficult, but incorporating swappable batteries would be too much.

You can watch all the clips that I found interesting in this video I made or you can watch the entire interview on their IG story.

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