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Review: Craft&Ride Spectrum Magnetic Fender for the Onewheel Pint

by freshlycharged

Who will love this:

Those who like to keep their feet and legs clean while riding trails and in wet conditions but also like to show off the beauty of the Onewheel Pint’s big sexy wheel whenever they feel like it will love the Craft&Ride Magnetic Fender.

This fender was featured in my recent top 10 video. Check it out:

What I think:

When a friend of mine purchased a convertible BMW, I thought it was frivolous midlife crisis purchase. After-all, why would anyone really need to put the top down during a drive.

While I’ve been perfectly fine driving with a top over my head my entire life, the thing I didn’t understand was that driving around with the top down on a convertible is a pretty amazing and liberating experience.

Onewheel riders know that riding a Onewheel topless is sexy. They also know that it comes at a price: dusty shoes, soiled socks, and pebble filled shoes.

When conditions are wet, riding topless can leave you looking like you temporarily lost control of your bladder and bowel during your ride and that is definitely not sexy.

I almost always ride with a fender on my Onewheels because I’m a practical guy. But I do love that convertible top down feeling and that is why magnetic fenders are so appealing.

I love using Craft&Rides magnetic fenders on my Onewheel XRs and Pint and I’m glad we now have a version for the Pint.

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I like the subtle changes for the Pint Magnetic Fender. The window to see the wheel is wider and less “St. Louis Arch” style like on the XR version giving us a better look at the wheel.

There is a little cutout so that the fender doesn’t block the lightbar on the front of the Onewheel and if you look closely you’ll see inside the fender there are little shields to help keep debris and water from being kicked up onto your footpads.

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The fender is easy to remove if you want to ride topless or if you need to clean off road debris that may have accumulated like wet leaves, mud, and even snow depending on when and where you ride.

Even though the fender is easily removable, the magnets are curiously strong and when tested against the XR magnetic fender, I found the Pint Fender Magnets to be much stronger. This is great news as the Pint tends to roll over more than the XR and having the fender securely attached saves me from having to reattach it or reposition the fender after every tumble.

The material feels the same as the previous fender models which is great because I have not had any problems with my other magnetic fenders. 

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The flaws:

You need to know that the magnetic fender fits over the fender delete plastic piece that you may have taken off your Pint when you first purchased it so that you could install the Future Motion fender.

The magnetic fender cannot be installed without that plastic piece they call the fender delete. I had to dig around to find mine.

Another potential flaw for some people will be the aesthetics. To accommodate the magnetic mechanism, the fender had to be larger and longer than the Future Motion Pint fender which gives the magnetic fender a much bigger footprint.


I really enjoy this fender and the options it provides. I usually ride my Onewheels with fenders but the magnetic fender by Craft and Ride gives me the freedom to easily ride topless whenever I choose.

Perhaps I’ll get a convertible car next… 😉

If you are interested in purchasing a magnetic fender for your Pint, go here for pricing and further details from Craft&Ride.

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