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Guardian Angel Elite & Micro Series Review: Be safe, be seen

by freshlycharged

I recently purchased a Guardian Angel Micro Series and I have been really pleased with the Guardian Angel’s ability to help me be seen by motorists, especially when riding at night.

I’m always on the lookout for great gear to keep me and my family safe while riding and the Guardian Angel light did not disappoint. Unlike other lights I’ve reviewed that focus on helping the rider to see, the Guardian Angel’s purpose is to help you be seen.

If you are interested in having a Guardian Angel to help keep you safe, use this code for a free mount and free shipping:


Amazon has a limited selection of Guardian Angel lights. For up to date light options and pricing, check out Amazon.

As the weather warms up here in Denver, I find myself riding at night more often and I love the versatile magnet attachment, easy to use settings, customizable settings, durability, and highly visible lights.

The magnetic attachment is strong and I can easily attach it to any ferromagnet part on any of my scooters or I can attach to my bag or clothing.

You can’t put a price tag on keeping yourself and your loved ones safe. For this reason my kids and I wear the Guardian Angel when riding in low light conditions.

If you are interested in this product, check out Amazon for pricing and availability. If you buy direct from their website, you’ll find a larger selection of light colors.

I’m glad to have learned about the Guardian Angel lights from the YouTube Channel “Spinning My Wheel” from James, an avid EUC rider who enjoys night rides. He’s had experience with different lights and here is his full review on the Guardian Angel lights:


Does a small LED with a solid strobe feature make a difference?

One of the great benefits of living in New York City is the large PEV and EUC community. There is a lot of practical PEV knowledge where I live and ride, so it gives me the opportunity to see what other people are using for customization on their EUCs or in this case, for safety. 

Enter the Guardian Angel Elite and Micro Series devices, a wearable safety light designed to increase illumination and visibility. It helps drivers see the person wearing them at night. The embedded controller of the device allows for dynamic lighting and maximum luminosity.

Historically, the Guardian Angel Elite and Micro Series are used primarily by first responders—up until now. Some EUC riders in Queens now use these lights to increase visibility while riding at night. The main question is, “Do they work?”

Field testing the Guardian Angel Elite and Micro Series.

In early February, I had the opportunity to do a night ride from Queens to Central Park in Manhattan with my fellow Queens EUC riders. 

It is not uncommon to run into other EUC riders in the city. When we got to Central Park, the Manhattan EUC crew could see our lights for at least a mile away and they even tried to catch up with us! 

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Riding in Central Park at night with two Guardian Angel Elites and one Micro Series.

There is no such thing as a perfect product, but there are many products that function exactly the way they are intended to. The Guardian Angel light is one of those products. 

In my recent video on YouTube titled “GUARDIAN ANGEL ELITE AND MICRO SERIES REVIEW | ELECTRIC UNICYCLE SAFETY” I was merely scratching the surface on what these lights can do. The Guardian Angel lights even have an S.O.S. function! 

When riding my EUC, it is still common for me to run into people who have never seen an EUC and I give them the rundown on what it is, how long it took to learn how to ride it and the final dreaded question, “How much did it cost?” 

With the Guardian Angel lights, there is a new interaction that I am having and that is discussions with first responders who ask about my Guardian Angel devices. This dovetails into my next point which has to do with PEV ambassadorship. 

Be safe, be seen.

Since I started riding the EUC and using the Guardian Angel lights, my interactions with first responders has increased. In the PEV community, we all have the opportunity to be good ambassadors for a growing mode of transportation. The concern for many PEV enthusiasts is both for safety and avoiding unnecessary regulation. 

The most common comment on Facebook or in a YouTube Channel’s comments section when EUC riding is perceived as risky or dangerous is, “You’re going to get us all banned!” 

By investing in a little bit of safety, it helps show PEV and EUC riders to be sensible and responsible— not reckless. There is safety in being seen and being highly visible at night.

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Guardian Angel Elite Series

Guardian Angel is good product that more riders need to know about

The Guardian Angel Elite and Micro Series is a great safety device, but why is it not as popular as Shred Lights or other safety lighting solutions? 

As mentioned earlier, up until recently Guardian Angel has focused on making a safety light device primarily for first responders. The concept of branching out to appeal to PEV riders is a new market for the company which was not initially considered. 

I am happy to report this may be changing for the benefit of the PEV community. Through content creation on YouTube and directly engaging with Guardian Angel as a customer, I have found the company to be very receptive to applications for PEV and EUC riders.

To Guardian Angel’s surprise, there are now riders all around the world who are purchasing the lights and using them as a safety lighting solution while riding PEVs.

image 3
Top: Guardian Angel Elite (Green and White) and Micro (Yellow and White) Series

Is the Guardian Angel Elite tech PEV friendly?

Pros Cons
High Visibility Long Lasting Battery Hard to Break Water Resistant  Price Lack of Awareness of the Product No Remote Activation Lacks 360 Degree Lighting

With the Guardian Angel Elite Series starting at $99.99 and the Micro Series at $49.99, this is a valid question for any PEV enthusiast. Simply put, buying one of these lights is an investment in your personal safety. 

These devices hold up. Guardian Angel has demonstrated the lights can be submerged underwater or run over by a truck and they still work! 

It has been my experience, that the Guardian Angel devices have a superior build quality when compared to other LED safety lights, but at a premium price. An important factor of the device is how you use them. 

The Guardian Angel lights help make you visible in low light conditions, but they do not help you see. There are other products for that.

It is common for me to have a messenger bag or backpack when I ride my EUC as I am either going to pick up groceries or going on one of my food runs as seen on EUC EATS. 

image 4
Mounting the Guardian Angel Elite Series device into the netting of my Chrome Backpack.

Should I get a Guardian Angel light?

Is this the right safety light to get for riding PEVs at night? Absolutely. Even though this device was made with first responders in mind, the benefits for PEV and EUC riders are the same. 

Guardian Angel continues to engage customers on social media to find out which features are most desirable for the next version. For many of us, a cool feature to have in future versions would be to have the capability to activate the lights with a remote or smart phone. 

Until then, be sure to ride with friends so they can help you turn on and off your lights wherever you place them and remember to always wear your safety gear.

If you are interested in this product, check out Amazon for pricing and availability. If you buy direct from their website, you’ll find a larger selection of light colors.

If you are interested in having a Guardian Angel to help keep you safe, use this code for a free mount and free shipping: 953CLIP

Amazon has a limited selection of Guardian Angel lights. For up to date light options and pricing, check out Amazon.


James is the creator of the YouTube Channel, SPINNINGMYWHEEL, which features 80 videos on the Onewheel Pint with an expanding library of videos on the Gotway RS and the Veteran Sherman EUC. He considers himself a PEV enthusiast and advocate for the use of PEVs. Located in Queens and just a few miles ride away from Manhattan and Brooklyn, SPINNINGMYWHEEL’s goal is to provide real-world experiences while riding a PEV in New York City and other locations such as Rock City on Lookout Mountain, Atlanta, Chattanooga, Nashville, Howard Finster’s Paradise Garden (the filming location for R.E.M.’s first music video), The Georgia Guidestones and other fun locations featured on the channel. SPINNINGMYWHEEL features content discussing the manufacturer of the Onewheel, Future Motion and other PEV related stories.

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