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Do I Need Onewheel Charge Port Covers & Power Button Covers

by freshlycharged

The Onewheel is water resistant but it is not waterproof. I repeat, THE ONEWHEEL IS NOT WATERPROOF! But you can make modifications to help protect your board from the elements.


Protect your investment with covers for the charging port and the power button. While this won’t waterproof your board, for just a few dollars you can protect the most vulnerable parts of your board. You can get a pack of Neutrik XLR Receptacle Covers to keep water and mud out of your charging port and a pack of Clear Silicone Waterproof Rocker Switch Caps to keep water and sand out of your power button.

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If you do any sort of riding other than perfectly paved streets that are dry and puddle free, then there is no need to cover your charge port and power button. But if you ever ride in wet conditions or on trails or at the beach, then you should seriously consider covers for the charging port and power button.

While it is easy to get mesmerized by the videos of people cruising their Onewheel on wet sandy beaches or through water, if you spend any time researching the discussion boards and you will see that there are many boards that have died because of water damage.

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Shonduras takes his Onewheel underwater!

I will take our Onewheel to the beach but only to cruise on paved walkways so I can explore and cover more ground than I would be able to on foot. When I take it on to the sand I enjoy riding on the packed flat sand near the water.

I try to never let it get wet to avoid the risk of water damage. But because I am on wet sand, sometimes some of that wet sand finds its way into my charging port which cannot be good. I just make sure to completely clean and dry out the port before charging.

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All those issues with water and debris in the charge port can be avoided with a charge port cover. I use this one and it fits very nicely for my Onewheel Plus and Onewheel Plus XR. Its only a few bucks per cover and it’s nice to have a few since they will inevitably get lost. Have a few around and keep that charge port safe and happy. Check out Amazon for details on these charge port covers.

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I have found that the biggest problem with beach cruising is the soft, fine, dry sand. It is very difficult for me to ride on and I find myself constantly spinning out and bailing. When I do have decent balance, the bumps and undulations forces me to really concentrate and worry about falling.

The soft dry sand also finds its way into the tiny gaps of the power button which then causes the power button to catch and stick. Getting the sand out is also very difficult. These clear silicon covers are great for the Onewheel. They fit so perfectly it’s like they were made for the Onewheel. The best thing about them is that they are soft enough that you can power your Onewheel on and off without having to take them off. Get silicon covers for your Onewheel power button at Amazon today!

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