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A Most Affordable Onewheel Car Stand: the Ferocious Onewheel Car Holder

by freshlycharged

Who will love this:

Anyone who owns a car, a Onewheel XR and/or a Onewheel Pint will love this. The Ferocious Onewheel Car Holder works for both the XR and the Pint, cost less than half the price of the Future Motion branded version, and performs just as well. For current pricing, check it out on Amazon.

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What I think:

Since I just assume that most people are Onewheel addicts like myself and own several Onewheels, I think everyone needs at least a few of these Onewheel car holders. 

The fact that they sell for less than half the price of the ridiculously expensive Future Motion version of the Onewheel Car Holder makes it easier for folks to buy several of these for their Onewheels and for their cars.

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The Ferocious Onewheel Car Stand is made of a durable injection molded plastic that performed flawlessly with my Onewheel XR and Onewheel Pint in the back of my Tesla Model 3. I had no problems with rollovers or with the Onewheel car stand slipping in the back of my car. 

If you have a slick surface prone to slippage in the back of your truck or SUV, Ferocious has included some velcro so you can adhere the Onewheel Car Holder to the back of your truck.

The Ferocious Onewheel Car Stand is compatible with just about every Onewheel add on including sidekicks, concave footpads, rail protectors, fenders, and float plates.

Ferocious Onewheel Car Stand

The flaws:

Early reviews on Amazon complained about the Ferocious Onewheel Stand being 3d printed. The company has since stepped up their manufacturing process as now the Ferocious Onewheel Car Holder is made of a durable and refined injection molded material.

So having improved on the product’s biggest drawback: the quality, I have no complaints about the Ferocious Onewheel Car Stand. I recommend the Ferocious Onewheel Car Stand to all Onewheel enthusiasts who own a car.

I’ve reviewed another car stand before: the Onewheel Trunk Saver. If you are interested, check it out.

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