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Review: Flexmeter D30 Double Sided Wrist Guards

by freshlycharged

Who Will Love This:

The Flexmeter D30 Double Sided wrist guards claims to offer the “industry standard in wrist protection” and I tend to agree because these are the best wrist guards I have ever used and are great for high speed activities like snowboarding, inline skating, and riding Onewheel or electric unicycles.

What I Think:

As the main breadwinner for my household, my ability to provide for my family depends on my health. I can’t afford to suffer a serious head injury nor can I afford to injure my hands or wrists. For those reasons whenever I ride, at a minimum I will always wear a helmet and wrist guards or gloves.

If your livelihood depends on your ability to use your hands and your wrists then having superior wrist protection is of utmost importance.

I’ve tried a lot of wrist guards over the years and the Flexmeter D30 Double Sided wrist guards are the most protective wrist guards I’ve ever worn. While increased protection usually means sacrifices are made with comfort and style, that is not the case with these wrist guards.

Flexmeter Wrist Guards


Your wrist is sandwiched between two semiflexible pieces of patented Dupont Hytrel material that is all strapped together with velcro. There is a skid plate velcroed at the palm which will take the brunt of most falls which can be removed and replaced.

While the profile of the Flexmeter wrist guards is far from slim, they don’t feel bulky or heavy.

I’ve sprained my wrist playing basketball which required me to wear a splint. I’ve also had to wear various wrist braces due to carpal tunnel and wrist strain injuries. The Flexmeter D30 wrist guards feel like I’m wearing a splint or a brace. My wrists feel comfortable and protected.


In addition to being comfortable the Flexmeter wrist guards look good too. On group rides I always get several comments about my wrist guards and that positive reinforcement encourages me to continue to wear my Flexmeter wrist guards. 

The Flexmeter D30 wrist guards are well designed and made of quality materials. You can tell the makers of these wrist guards know that style is just as important as comfort and protection when it comes to getting people to wear safety gear.

Double Sided Flexmeter D30 Wrist guard review


While I have yet to have a fall while wearing the Flexmeter D30 wrist guards, I have full confidence that they will protect me as advertised. The wrist and palm protection is high and the company advertises that their product was designed by surgeons which makes sense as to why these wrist guards feel so much like wearing a splint.

With the tough protective material surrounding both sides of your wrists, these are by far the most protective wrist guards I have ever owned and I feel confident that these wrist guards will protect me from falls from my Onewheel and EUC.

These wrist guards will definitely protect my palms from abrasions, otherwise known as road rash or hamburger hands and as I continue to wear them, I’ll let you know how they hold up to higher velocity falls.

The Flexmeter wrist guards feel like a quality product. It will be seen just how durable the thin fabric that composes the innermost layer of the wrist guard will be over time.

Flexmeter D30 Wrist Guards

The Flexmeter D30’s are wrist guards, not gloves

The Flexmeter wrist guards are great but they are not gloves so don’t expect these wrist guards to protect your digits.

These wrist guards are perfect for hands free high speed activities like snowboarding, inline skating, and riding Onewheel or electric unicycles. However, they can get in the way or become uncomfortable when riding devices that require use of your hands.

For example, I would not use the Flexmeter wrist guards for riding bikes or electric scooters. Also, if I needed wrist protection for riding e-skate where holding and controlling a remote is important, I would go with the Flatland gloves that I’ve reviewed here.

The Flaws:

Because the Flexmeter wrist guards extend so far up my forearm, they interfere with my current elbow pads. While this is a nuisance, because I like these wrist guards so much, I’ll be looking for elbow pads with a smaller profile to wear along with these wrist guards.

Best Wrist guards for EUC

Living and riding in Colorado, I’m spoiled by the dry climate. That means I rarely get sweaty while riding in full safety gear. When I took the Flexmeter D30 wrist guards to Hawaii I found that my wrists got pretty sweaty. More than I was accustomed to and likely because of the humidity of the climate. 

I did notice that the innermost fabric did a pretty good job of wicking away the sweat and providing ventilation.

The manufacturer recommends that you remove the skid plate when putting gloves on over the wrist guards. Even with the skid plate off, I have a hard time fitting my gloves over these wrist guards

The Flexmeter website sells gloves that are compatible with these wrist guards, but I’ll stick to my winter riding gloves and save the Flexmeter wrist guards for when the weather is warmer.

Another flaw I found doesn’t come from the product but from the product website. After just a few minutes on their site, I found a few typographical errors on the Flexmeter website.

Screen Shot 2021 01 11 at 11.05.31 PM

While I’m no English teacher (I’m sure there are more than a few typos in this review I’ve put together) I do expect a high quality product to have a webpage free of spelling errors.

Finally, this last flaw is not really a flaw but I know people have complained about finger injuries suffered from a fall while wearing the Flexmeter wrist guards.

Again, this product is a wrist guard and does not claim to offer finger protection so don’t expect finger protection from the Flexmeter D30 wrist guards.


If you want the best wrist protection that doesn’t sacrifice style or comfort, then you should seriously consider the Flexmeter D30 Double Sided wrist guards. For the most updated pricing and available sizes, check it out on Amazon or Craft&Ride.

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