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The Best Reflective Vest for Riding in the Dark

by freshlycharged

If you do any Onewheel riding in the evening when it gets dark then you have to get yourself one of these reflective vests. The 247 Viz Blaze – Reflective Vest 360 is amazing! I’ve tried other reflective clothing, but this thing destroys the competition. Stay safe at night by making sure motorists see you.

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Pros of the 247 Viz Blaze – Reflective Vest 360:

  • Plain discrete grey during the day
  • Super bright in the dark
  • Reflective at all angles
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable

Cons of the 247 Viz Blaze – Reflective Vest 360:

  • People will be so focused on the vest, they won’t be asking you about your Onewheel
  • There are less expensive alternatives, but not nearly as good

Check out Amazon for current pricing for this great reflective vest. If you are still not convinced then keep reading.

My Review of the 247 Viz Blaze – Reflective Vest 360

I have tried reflective straps, jackets, and vests. I even have reflective tape on one of my boards. After researching and trying various clothing options, I found that the 247 Viz Blaze – Reflective Vest 360 to be the best option for my night riding.

During the day the 247 Viz Blaze Reflective Vest is an unpretentious and unassuming grey color that goes well with whatever I’m wearing. I can put it on over a T-shirt or over my hoodie or a light jacket and it looks great, is lightweight, and comfortable. It also easily slips on and off over my helmet.

At night is where the 247 Viz Blaze – Reflective Vest 360 really shines (pun intended). The reflective properties are comparable to the best on the market. It is deceivingly bright. Looking down at it you will not realize how bright it is from a distance. This thing shines so bright that motorists will be giving you extra room on the road for fear that you may be radioactive! It really is that bright!

Do yourself a favor and make night riding as safe as possible. Be safe and get one of these from Amazon!

If the great reviews on Amazon seem too good to be true, be assured that I have checked the reviews to verify that they are legitimate. Here is a screenshot of the Fakespot analysis of the reviews which gives the reviews an “A” grade which means that there is little deception involved and the reviews are real and can be trusted.

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For safer riding at night be sure to check out the 10 tips for riding after dark.

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