17 of The Best Rivian Mods, Accessories and Hacks After 20K Miles

by Nathan Schaumann

The Rivian R1T (truck) and R1S (SUV) are amazing, but here are 17 of the best Rivian mods, accessories, and hacks to them even better.

1. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser: Do you have faded or stained external trim on your Rivian R1T or R1S? Get the stains out and restore the dark rich color with this Magic Eraser. The white sponge effectively cleans and revitalizes the color of the automotive trim.

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2. Cerakote Ceramic Trim Coat: Now that your trim is clean, this easy to use product will keep it looking clean. Recommended for protecting the restored trim, this ceramic coat enhances longevity and maintains the color of automotive trim. Apply this after using the Magic Eraser.

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3. Kits pro Wheel Center Caps: If you have the 21-inch wheels on your Rivian but you have lost an aero cover (hub cap) and you don’t want to pay the high prices for a new aero cover, then consider this effective alternative. The center caps replace the expensive aero covers on 21-inch wheels, providing a cost-effective solution and enhancing the aesthetic of the wheels. You may lose a bit of range, but I actually prefer this look over the aero covers. Check out these inexpensive caps on Amazon.

Screenshot 2023 11 13 at 11.10.40%E2%80%AFAM

4. EV Base Sunshield: I love the class top of the Rivian. While the tint is perfect, it can get hot during sunny summer days. This foldable sunshield blocks sunlight coming through the beautiful glass ceiling, reducing heat inside the vehicle during hot and sunny days. It’s ideal for summer time and for car camping. Use coupon code: FR15 to save 15% off

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5. Magsafe Puck: The center charging pad in the Rivian is the second biggest flaw of the Rivian R1T after the broken tonneau cover. If you’ve ever tried to use the built in wireless phone charging in the Rivian, you know that it sucks. There are 3rd party options to make a seamless charging pad, but that can be expensive so I prefer just using a MagSafe puck. This is my preferred alternative to the wireless charging pad, the Magsafe Puck offers efficient and convenient charging for iPhones with MagSafe technology.

Screenshot 2023 11 13 at 11.11.45%E2%80%AFAM

6. Wood Trim Brush: The beautiful wood grain is beautiful to look at but can be a little tricky to keep clean. Paper towels and microfiber cloths tend to get snagged in the real wood grain. The solution to keep this clean is simple. A fine brush designed for cleaning the wood trim inside the vehicle without risking damage to the wood grain only costs $4.

7. Best EV Mod – Tray: The center storage in the Rivian is so deep it just becomes a black hole. After trying several methods to keep things tidy, I find that this tray is a decent option, although there are others out there that I like better. The tray by Best EV Mod organizes items around the center console, keeping frequently used items easily accessible and separated from the storage compartment.

8. EV Base – Tray (Deeper): This is my favorite center console storage tray for the R1T and R1S. The deeper tray provides increased storage space in the center console for my most used items, offering a more capacious solution. Use coupon code: FR15 to save 15% off

Screenshot 2023 11 13 at 11.13.36%E2%80%AFAM

9. Samsung Portable SSD T7 Touch: Plugged into the vehicle’s USB port, this SSD serves as a storage solution for dash cam footage and other data.

Screenshot 2023 11 13 at 11.15.07%E2%80%AFAM

10. EV Base – Organizer: This is a great lower center console tray for the R1T and R1S that organizes and prevents items from sliding around in the open space. And unlike the competition, you can easily access your camp speaker with this tray installed. Use coupon code: FR15 to save 15% off

11. Matte Screen Protector: This product protects the vehicle’s beautiful screens from damage and glare, providing a matte finish for added style and reduced screen reflections. It also decreases those ugly finger print smudges and protects the screens from getting scratched. Check out our favorite screen protectors at Screen ProTech.

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12. Rivian Tailgate Pad: If you transport bikes with your Rivian R1T, I prefer the Rivian made tailgate pad over the other 3rd party options that are available because of the better fit, better look and better protection. The Rivian tailgate pad is tailor fitted for the Rivian R1T like a Giogio Armani suit. Made by Rivian, for the Rivian, it comes with padded buckles that will pamper your bike while keeping it securely in place.

Screenshot 2023 11 15 at 9.41.38 PM

The mesh material allows good visibility of the rear light bar and the overall construction of nylon, neoprene, and EVA foam feels like it will hold up to abuse. I am concerned about the mesh window over time. But overall, it feels more padded and protective than the Dakine, fits better than the Dakine, and just looks better so yes, I’d pay the premium for this premium product. 

13. ShockFlo 40A Charger: A versatile EV charger functioning as both a portable and semi-permanent solution, with adjustable charge rates and a durable design. Use coupon code FR10 to save 10% off

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14. Bed Liner: Applied to the truck bed, this liner prevents sliding and jostling of items during transportation, featuring a grippy surface. While there are many options out there, this truck bed liner for the Rivian sold on Amazon has been great for my needs.

15. PPF Speed EFX (Paint Protection Film): A matte finish protective layer made my Xpel that is applied to the vehicle’s paint, safeguarding it from pinstriping, scratches, and rock chips. If you live near the Denver area, check out SpeedEFX for the best PPF service in town.

16. Ceramic Coat (Hydrophobic): Enhances the hydrophobic properties of the paint protection film, making the car easy to clean and maintaining a clean appearance. Find a reputable installer like SpeedEFX to install your ceramic coat. A ceramic boost should be reapplied ever few years to recharge the ceramic coat’s hydrophobic properties.

17. 20-inch Off-Road Wheels: The 21-inch wheels may get the best range, but for improved off-road performance, increased tire options, and enhanced aesthetics I swapped my 21″ wheels for 20″ off road wheels. I get about a 10% range reduction with the 20″ wheels compared to the 21″ wheels but I think the trade off is worth it.

Screenshot 2023 11 13 at 1.55.04%E2%80%AFPM

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