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Quik App: A Super Easy Way to Edit and Create Videos

by freshlycharged

Quik is an app by GoPro designed for quick and easy video editing and movie making. I downloaded it on my phone to go with my new GoPro but I was initially turned off with the app because I enjoyed having more control editing and making my own videos.

There are times though that I find myself getting endless amounts of footage and not having the time or energy to go through it all. Quik makes the video making process easy by using algorithms to create very good videos automatically!

While at a school district activity that my daughter participated in called the “Cardboard Challenge” I decided to grab some video and photo footage with my phone, a Samsung S9, for a potential future video. I would have used my GoPro but I did not have it with me. Of course, I brought my Onewheel though, that pretty much goes wherever I go.

The next day, while sorting through all the video footage and putting it together on my computer I found myself exhausted after the 2 hour process of transferring files, sorting clips and photos, editing, and adding music.

After I had finished putting together the video on my computer using iMovie I just happened to open the Quik app on my phone and found that the app had put together a little video with all the footage I had taken in the last 24 hours. I watched it and was pretty impressed.

I played around with the settings, changed up the music and removed some photos and videos and in about 30 minutes, all on my phone, I had created a short video that in my opinion was pretty darn good.

See for yourself. Here is the video made which starts with the video I made on my computer and ends with the video that was put together on the Quik App:

Quik is a very impressive app. If you are like me and enjoy making videos, it won’t replace the hard work making videos on a computer but if you have some footage you want to make into a decent video and be able to share it in a quick and easy manner, check out Quik for your phone.

And like I said, you don’t have to have a GoPro to use Quik. I made the video above with footage taken all with my cell phone. Try the app for yourself. Find it in the Apple App Store or Android Play Store.

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