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Kush Concave Pad Versus Cobra Grip Pad Onewheel Review

by freshlycharged

This review is from Joon Kim who is very active in the Onewheel community. Joon lives in the Pacific Northwest and can often be spotted hitting the roads and trails doing epic ultramarathon type rides on his Onewheel. Joon is currently preparing for a monster 250 mile ride.

Joon regularly rides his modified Onewheels which allows him to take his Onewheels on extremely long rides. He goes for 60 mile rides as a warm up and because he rides such long distances Joon needs to make sure his feet are as comfortable as possible. Joon normally rides using a Cobra Pad and he has done hundreds of miles on his Cobra but he recently tested the Kush Pad.

I reached out to June and he shared these thoughts on the Kush and Cobra Pads. Here is a review from Joon Kim:

Joon Kim’s Guest Review

Alrighty then…. I did 53 miles today with the Kush Pad.

At first i did not really think the Kush Pad was doing much and was kinda wanting my Cobra Pad back but after 5-ish miles I totally forgot about it. The Kush Pad has very good grip. For as small as the rear lip is compared to the Cobra, the Kush Pad did surprisingly well.

Screen Shot 2018 11 25 at 2.17.01 PM
Cobra (left) with a more prominent tail and Kush (right) with more concavity and 4 screw holes on the top.
Screen Shot 2018 11 25 at 2.16.41 PM
Kush (left) and Cobra (right)
Screen Shot 2018 11 25 at 2.15.40 PM
Kush (left) and Cobra (right)

I even took the Kush Pad off-road and it felt good which is also partly due to the TFL grip tape which I also prefer over all other grip tape. For me the Kush does not feel super soft or cushy, but it does absorb impact nicely. It feels better than the Onetail Classic because it is slightly more concave which makes all the difference.

After looking at these two pads the Kush Pad actually has more a concave shape because the lowest point on Kush Pad goes lower than the Cobra Pad does. Very interesting.

With the Cobra Pad there is no cushion. It is hard as a rock where as the Kush Pad is made out of urethane and is very pliable when not bolted down

Now personally I will be going back to the Cobra Pad in the rear. The reason I love the Cobra Tail is because when pushback happens and nose goes up and my rear foot levels out it is super comfy riding in or pushing through pushback.

The Kush Pad just does not have the rear lip I love so much. I PERSONALLY think if the sensor would work, putting the Kush Pad in front and Cobra Pad in the rear would be the perfect combo FOR ME!

For now, when I do trail rides I will be going with the Cobra or Jeff White Custom Tail he made me. But for my long rides or attempts to go long distance where I will not be going off road or doing dumb things, I’ll be swapping to the Kush Pad for sure.

I know a lot of people do not like the aggressiveness of the Cobra Pad and for you guys I think you will love the Kush Pad.

For the people running Onetail Plus or Classic will like the Kush Pad more for the slightly more concave shape. It makes a pretty big difference in the ride for carving and control on easy or hardcore trails. The Kush Pad absorbs hits as well which is nice on bumpy roads or rough trails.

–Joon Kim Thoughts

I would like to thank Joon for his review of the Kush Pad versus his tried and trusted Cobra Pad. I think both are great options. For me, coming from a stock pad, the Kush Pad was a perfect shape which really did give the Onewheel experience a whole new feel.

I love the concave feel which makes carving and trail rides feel more secure. The aggressive grip tape really locks you in. For the times I wanted to shift my back foot, I would almost have to do little hops to release my foot from the rear pad so I could reposition on the go.

Check out my video with my unboxing and first impressions of the Kush Pad:

I have always been happy with the stock pad but the experience with the Kush Pad has been amazing. So much so that trying other foot pads such as the Cobra Pad really interests me now. I look forward to testing and personally comparing the Cobra soon on my other Onewheel.

Here are some other pictures that Jeff from The Float Life sent me so you guys can compare a stock foot pad (the flat one with The Float Life grip tape), an older model of a very well used Cobra Pad (the foot pad with the tall tail), and a Kush Pad up close and personal.

kush 123 e1543181672147
Stock, Kush (middle), Cobra


Kush 122
Kush and Stock (right)


Kush 122
Kush and Stock (right)


Kush 23
Kush and Cobra (right)


Kush 233
Cobra and Kush (left)

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