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Onewheel Trunksaver Review: A Great Onewheel Stand for your Car Trunk

by freshlycharged

The Trunksaver Onewheel Stand solves a problem that has plagued Onewheel owners since the invention of the Onewheel.

No, it doesn’t prevent nosedives. No it doesn’t waterproof your Onewheel. And no, it doesn’t protect your clavicles in the event of a crash. What the Trunksaver does do is it saves the trunk of your car and it does it really well.

Who will love this:

Anyone who owns a car and a Onewheel will love this velvety Onewheel car stand that will gently hug your Onewheel while the two snuggle in the comfort in the back of your trunk.

If you want a car stand that works for both the Onewheel XR AND the Onewheel Pint, then check this review.

What I think:

I’ve been looking for an inexpensive solution for my Onewheel trunk woes. I’ve used modified milk crates which work really well, but because they are in essence, a crate, they usually end up getting filled up with safety gear, tools, chargers, and other knick knacks.

Check out clips of the Onewheel car stand in action!

The Trunksaver is surprisingly light. Has a nice velvet finish, and works really well. I put a Onewheel in the back of my trunk of my daily driver car and left it there for a month. Not once did the Onewheel ever roll over or make a sound.

For the price of the official Future Motion Onewheel Car holder stand at $70 you can almost buy two Trunksavers which is great if you have more than one car or more than one Onewheel. Check out Amazon for current pricing of the Trunksaver.

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Future Motion Car Stand is almost double the price!

The flaws:

The Trunksaver works, it is durable, and compared to the competition it is reasonably priced.

The Onewheel Trunksaver has two models, one for the Onewheel XR, Plus, and V1 and another version for the Onewheel Pint. The design is not universal to all Onewheel models and you have to get the Pint version if you will be using it to transport a Pint.

Other thank that, I really can’t think of any flaws. Go check it out the latest pricing on Amazon.

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