1Protect Cold Weather Onewheel Gloves

Best Cold Weather Gloves for Onewheel, EUC, Escooter & Ebike: 1Protect All Weather Gloves

by freshlycharged

The 1Protect All Weather Gloves are the best gloves for cold weather riding on any personal electric vehicle such as the Onewheel, electric unicycle, escooters and ebikes.

Who will love the 1Protect All Weather Gloves?

If you like to ride your personal electric vehicle in cold weather, these All Weather Gloves by 1Protect will keep your hands and fingers protected from the environment and in the event of a fall or crash.

What I think about the 1Protect All Weather Gloves

1Protect All Weather Gloves Pros:

  • Super comfortable
  • Balanced protection
  • Water resistant
  • Built-in knuckle protection 
  • Interchangeable palm pucks, hard and soft are included
  • Replacement pucks are fairly priced
  • Touch sensitive thumb and index finger
  • Large secure wrist strap

1Protect All Weather Gloves Cons:

  • Pucks easily lost when not in use
  • No dedicated wrist protection

I’ve tested the 1Protect All Weather Gloves in the cold winter weather of Colorado and they are my favorite cold weather gloves to protect me from the elements and from the falls.

1protect all weather gloves

Materials: The gloves look good, in a traditional black with a few reflective accents. The outer layer is a waterproof mountaineering fabric with waterproof synthetic leather at the palms of the hands and fingers. Inside the glove there is a spandex layer that gives the gloves that “fits like a glove” feeling and the innermost layer is a faux silk cotton that feels super soft.

The tips of the thumb and index fingers are touch sensitive that actually work really well. I have worn a lot of gloves and glove liners for skiing and snowboarding, and the touch sensitivity either is nonexistent or is pretty crappy. On the 1Protect gloves I can answer a phone call, respond to texts, and even capture video and take photos without having to expose my hands to the bitter cold.

Cold weather Onewheel Gloves

Armor: The outermost layer of the gloves feels durable and I expect them to withstand the falls sustained by typical personal electric vehicle riders. There is built-in knuckle protection and removable and interchangeable palm pucks.

Palm Saver Protection Pucks: I ride with the hard pucks whenever I’m riding a hands-free personal electric vehicle like a Onewheel or electric unicycle. I switch to soft pucks when riding something that requires me to hold onto handlebars like ebikes and escooters.

Both the hard and soft pucks are included with your glove purchase which is nice in a day and age when companies try to nickel and dime you for every little upgrade or add on.

My only gripe with the interchangeable puck system is how often I misplace and lose my hard or leather pucks when they are not velcroed onto my gloves. Luckily, I’ve always been able to find the pucks and pucks from my other 1Protect Gloves work on these All Weather Gloves.

1protect gloves

If you were to ever need replacement pucks, they are reasonably priced and available on the 1Protect website.

I’ve tried many other gloves and wrist guards and while some gloves offer a ton of protection, they can often be bulky. These All Weather Gloves are easy to put on and to take off, offer good protection in the event of a fall, and they keep my hand from freezing during cold weather rides.

Please note that these gloves do not have dedicated wrist protection. They are not wrist guards. The protective pucks help to disperse some energy during a fall so that it doesn’t all transfer directly to your wrists, but there is no dedicated wrist support.

As far as eskate goes, the thickness of the gloves makes it harder to use and control the eskate remote.

Final Thoughts on the 1Protect All Weather Gloves

Safety gear is a highly personal choice and for many riders, the most important factors when deciding whether or not to use and wear safety gear are the looks, the feel, and the convenience.

If safety doesn’t look good, feel good, and is easy to put on and take off, then folks won’t wear it no matter how protective it is.

Fortunately, these gloves look good, feel comfy, and are convenient to wear. They offer protection from the elements and from falls and the interchangeable protective pucks means I can use them for riding my hands-free devices like my EUC and Onewheel and also use them for when I ride my escooters and ebikes.

Check out current availability and pricing at 1Protect.

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