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How to Lock Your Onewheel Pint & 5 Security Tips

by freshlycharged

When I think Bike locks, I think security. But in reality, bike locks are a combination of 2 things, security and convenience.

Let’s use passwords as an example. You could have the most secure password in the world, but chances are you won’t remember it or it would take forever to type it in each time to log in. 

For convenience, you could have a simple password, something like… “password” but security is sacrificed for convenience and the chances of your account getting hacked are high.

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Security: If security was the biggest concern, you in addition to the biggest, strongest, heaviest, and most secure lock available, you would keep your Onewheel locked in a Fort Knox type safe complete with a 24/7 armed security team to ensure the safety of your Onewheel wherever you went. 

Convenience: If convenience was your biggest concern, then maybe a ball of twine or a roll of red ribbon would suffice. It would be cheap and light, and the money you would save could go towards replacing your stolen Onewheel.

The best lock is a blend of security and convenience into something I’ll call Practicality. I want to go over 3 locks that I’ve used to keep my Onewheels from walking off on their own. I’ll go over their strengths, weaknesses and overall practicality for the Onewheel:

  1. Cable Lock: 
    1. Pro: inexpensive, flexible, keyless options
    2. Con: Offers very little protection, notoriously insecure, can be cut with hand shears by casual thieves
    3. Summary: Some types of cable locks will work with the Pint however, cable locks in general are not recommended due to the ease of breaking into.
  2. U Lock:
    1. Pro: Much better security than cable locks, works with Onewheel XR
    2. Cons: the Kryptonite Evolution LITE Mini-6, which is a favorite of Onewheelers like Jeff McCosker of the Float Life and is the smallest of the Kryptonite U Locks is great for the Onewheel XR and Plus but it does not fit on the Pint.
    3. Summary: highly recommended for the Onewheel XR and Plus models but I have yet to find a good U Lock that works with the Onewheel Pint.
  3. TiGr Locks:
    1. Pro: super light titanium or blue steel, innovative and elegant design,  thin enough to fit on the Pint
    2. Con: pricey
    3. Summary: this is the best option for locking up your Pint that I have found to date. It fits, it offers good protection, and it is very light and portable. It is not the cheapest solution on the market by it will do a good job protecting your Pint.
    4. The strongest TiGr Lock is the Blue Steel version. Check out my TiGr Blue Lock review here.
    5. There is a less expensive TiGr Mini version (without the “+”) that also fits the Pint.
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There is no lock that can withstand a motivated attack by an experienced thief. That being said, there are techniques to help keep your Onewheel as safe as it can be when out in public.

It doesn’t matter if you are a member of the Float Life team competing to win Onewheel races at Race for the Rail or Float Life Fest or if you are just a casual weekend rider, the Onewheel is important to you and it is expensive. Having your Onewheel stolen sucks.

As a Onewheel fan, my biggest fears are:

  1. Serious injury 
  2. My Onewheel bricking
  3. My Onewheel getting stolen

So far on my YouTube channel and blog I have focused on fear #1. There’s not much I can do about fear #2, so for this video, I’m going to focus on fear #3.

I want to share some general tips on keeping your Onewheel secure. These tips will not apply to everyone, nor will it apply to all situations, but I do feel that they provide guidance to minimize your chance of theft. 

Here are a few tips to keep your Onewheel as secure as possible:

5 Onewheel Security Tips:

  1. Know your serial number: snap a picture of it for your records. You can find it on the underside of one of the rails. This will come in handy if your Onewheel gets stolen and you need to prove to authorities that the Onewheel belongs to you.
  2. Never leave your Onewheel unattended. Always keep it by your side, day and night. Carry it with you wherever you go. And when you feel like falling asleep at night, resist the urge to slumber as someone could sneak in and steal your precious. I know that this is not completely feasible, so keep on reading.
  3. Use a safe and reliable lock and use common sense:
    1. Never leave unattended in unfamiliar and/or high risk areas.
    2. Always keep your Onewheel  in your line of sight or under the supervision of someone you would trust to watch and care for your first born infant.
    3. Never lock overnight… mainly because, you are no longer watching the device.
  4. Secure in a well lit area with high foot traffic:
    1. Thieves are less likely to pull out the big bolt cutters or hacksaw if there are people watching.
  5. In addition to securing it with a lock, consider covering the Onewheel. Out of sight, out of mind:
    1. I like to cover my Onewheel with a beach towel when at the beach.
    2. Put the Onewheel in a duffle bag or pillow case when at a hotel
    3. Cover it in a garbage bag when camping
      1. This also helps to keep it from getting wet if it rains
    4. If thieves can’t see the Onewheel, then they are much less likely to be tempted to try to steal the Onewheel.

Good Onewheel security is a combination of being smart about what you do with your Onewheel when you are not riding it. Location, situation, common sense and a good lock all play important roles during the times you do need to leave your Onewheel unattended.

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Follow the tips above and consider getting a good lock that works for you to help keep your Onewheel from getting stolen.

Onewheel Recovery Tips after Theft

  • Have your serial number
  • Have good photos of your Onewheel
  • Notify the Authorities
  • Check sites such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and Ebay for deeply discounted Onewheels that are missing a charger
  • Notify your local Facebook Onewheel group and Reddit to be on the lookout for a hot Onewheel

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