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Review: Venoboard V1 Electric Skateboard

by freshlycharged

Who will love this:

Beginners on a budget looking to get started in the hobby of electric skateboarding will save money and get a decent eskate with the Veno V1 electric skateboard.

What I think:

My first car was a plain, bare bones, Toyota pickup truck. Stick shift. No power windows. And I’m pretty sure the air conditioning didn’t work. But it was my first car because I couldn’t afford anything better. That Toyota truck holds a special place in my heart because it got me where I needed to go and it was reliable. It was my first vehicle.

The Veno V1 is a budget electric skateboard is competing in the sub $500 market. During the right sales and with the right codes, you can get this board for just over $300 but what are you getting?

Veno 2

The Veno V1 deck uses 7 layers maple and 1 layer of bamboo. It is not the most flexible board and feels stiffer than the other boards that I have tried. The grip tape on the deck is a little spongy to help reduce a little of the vibration from the road.

Wheels and Motor
The wheels are standard polyurethane and the rear wheels house the 750 watt hub motors.

The Venoboard website says: “Each V1 has been treated with Basic waterproof treatment both inside and outside. Normally it could resist the splash of daily life. Note: However. We should avoid water intake at power button and charging port.”

My translation: Don’t let the electronics get wet.

Experienced riders will feel a difference between budget and high end trucks. Beginners don’t need to pay for high end trucks especially if they have no experience with skateboarding. The board we had was great for carving and turning. I had no problem carving with the trucks and the experience was a good one.

The OLED screen is a nice touch, especially for a budget board. It’s easy to read and has all the information you would need. The remote feels standard and has a nice textured finish.

I did have a few instances where the remote seemingly lost connection with the board. It only happened a few times and each time was only for a few second. I’m not sure what caused it.

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Screen Shot 2020 06 26 at 11.58.34 AM

Here is the breakdown according to

Speed Mode:

1.Slow mode: 20km/h

2.Normal mode: 30km/h

3.Fast mode:42km/h

4.Turbo mode: 42km/h

Cruising Range:

Samsung battery 4.0AH :9.3-11.2 miles(15-18 km)

Samsung battery 7.0AH :12-14 miles(19.2-22.5 km)

Samsung40T 8.0AH:15.5-22 miles (25-35 km)

Board Weight

Power Battery 4.0 Ah Version: 16.7 lb (7.60 kg)
Standard Samsung 7.0AH Version: 16.8 lb ( 7.64 kg )
Standard Samsung 8.0 AH Version: 17.6 lb ( 8.00 kg )


1 x Completely Assembled Board
1 x remote wireless control
1 x Certificated adapter and charger(US, AU, or EU plug according to your location)
1 x T wrench tool for daily maintenance
1 x Rear LED light
1 x Test data line

The Ride

Immediately, I was able to tell that this was not a premium board. But for the money, what do you expect. You don’t buy a Toyota Prius and expect it to drive and feel like a Tesla Model S.

The board was more rigid than others and the chatter from the asphalt wen straight into my legs. On perfectly smooth surfaces, the Veno a joy to ride and carve. Acceleration and braking were smooth. I felt comfortable on the board and carving was fun.

The Veno V1 electric skateboard is a good budget board for beginners. You provide the safety gear, otherwise, the Venoboard comes with everything you’ll need to get started in the world of eskate including a nice eskate tool.


The biggest flaw would be the shipping times. Since these boards ship from China, there is a huge wait time if you choose standard shipping. Faster shipping is available in the US for a premium.

Another concern I have with these Chinese eskate boards is the servicing and warranty. Without a strong US presence, how does one get repairs? Be sure to understand the warranty, repair, and refund policies on any large purchase like this. This is directly from the Venoboard website. I have put in bold, the things I think are important to know:

Refund & Warranty Policy


We back up our products with 180 days warranty, which starts from the date on which you receive your board. If somehow you experience quality issues with your board, please email us directly. We will help you diagnose the problem and offer you free replacement parts. Shipping costs are to be collected though. If the six months warranty expires, we will still offer you replacement parts at very low prices so you can get your board fixed fast and continue riding.

We don’t offer warranty services for the following conditions, but we offer repair services and replacement parts at low prices:

1, You didn’t buy the board directly from us;
2, You have flashed the firmware of the ESC;
3, You have dismantled the board in an attempt to fix it;
4, You have used the item that is not considered normal usage.
5, The board breaks down in an accident or out of misuses.
6, The water damage,wheels wear,and artificial damage are NOT included in the warranty. damage are NOT included in the warranty.


No Returns! No Returns! No Returns!

The reason for this policy is that shipping the electric skateboard back to China is impossible due to the battery capacity well over 99 watt hours and no express companies in your countries would accept to ship it. Even if there’s shipping company accepts it, it will probably cost more than what the board is worth to ship.

No returns doesn’t mean we will dodge our responsibilites. We will work nonstop to help you diagnose the issues and solve them by sending you replacement parts.


1, We don’t issue refund when the order is being produced;
2, We don’t issue refund when the order is already shipped out;
3, We don’t issue refund when there’s an issue with the board you received;

So in summary, other than no returns and no refunds, they do say that they will “work nonstop” to help you with your problems. If you understand what you are getting for the price you are paying, then you will be satisfied.

Equivalent specs in a DIY ekate board could be made for less money in parts, but the time and effort to do so would not be worth it unless you are a true enthusiast.

If you made it to the end of this article, let me reward you. For a limited time, you can get an additional $30 off with the code: JIMMY

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