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Best kid’s toy that is actually a present for dad – Segway Gokart Pro Review

by Andrew N

If you’re looking to earn the title of the coolest parent on the block, gifting your child the Segway Gokart Pro is a surefire way to secure that accolade. This exhilarating ride allows youngsters and adults alike to hit speeds of up to 23 mph while executing thrilling drifts around corners, reminiscent of scenes from the beloved Mario Kart games.

Segway’s innovative amalgamation of two popular toys, the hoverboard and the go-kart, makes for an exciting and versatile ride. Segway made the perfect partnership with the Transformers brand, as this device effortlessly transforms from a self-balancing scooter into a go-kart in under a minute.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into what we adore and what we find lacking in the Segway Gokart Pro.

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What we love about the Segway Gokart Pro

  • Easy to learn
  • Can really feel the g force on turns
  • Adjustable length for different heights
  • Two toys in one – hoverboard
  • Has cool noises
  • Fun for kids and adults
  • Bluetooth app has easy to use interface
  • Easy to drift on turns with drift lever
  • Packaged well and shipped via freight
  • Has reverse option
  • Adjustable speed levels to make it safer for younger kids
  • Dynamic turning

Easy to Learn:

The Segway Gokart Pro is user-friendly, making it accessible for riders of various skill levels, including beginners and children.

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Exhilarating G-Force Experience:

Riding this go-kart, you’ll genuinely feel the force when taking sharp turns, delivering an adrenaline rush that’s hard to beat.

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Adjustable Length:

Its adjustable length feature ensures that riders of different heights can comfortably enjoy the experience.

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Two Toys in One:

Combining the best of both worlds, the hoverboard and go-kart, Segway offers a versatile and engaging ride that keeps things exciting. You can switch between the hoverboard and go-kart in under a minute. Segway calls the S-Max a self-balancing scooter but I think it is more like a hoverboard with a knee steering wheel.

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Cool Sound Effects:

The addition of cool sound effects enhances the overall experience, making every ride feel like an adventure. There are a lot of different sound effects to choose from so make sure to play around with the Bluetooth speaker’s settings.

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Fun for All Ages:

The Segway Gokart Pro is not just for kids – it’s a blast for adults too, offering fun for the whole family.

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Bluetooth App with User-Friendly Interface:

The Bluetooth app provides an easy-to-use interface, allowing riders to customize settings and track performance seamlessly.

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Drift Capability:

Thanks to the drift lever, executing thrilling drifts around corners becomes a breeze, adding an extra layer of excitement to your rides.

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Secure Packaging and Freight Shipping:

The product is well-packaged to ensure safe delivery, and shipping via freight ensures it reaches you in excellent condition.

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Reverse Option:

The inclusion of a reverse option makes maneuvering in tight spots or getting out of tricky situations effortless. I remember getting stuck in corners with gasoline-powered go-karts and having to wait helplessly for a track attendant to pull me out.

Adjustable Speed Levels:

You can adjust the speed levels, making it safer for younger or less experienced riders. Parents can adjust it on the app and don’t have to worry about their kids adjusting higher top speeds without their permission.

Dynamic Turning:

The dynamic turning capability in the app adds an element of agility and control to your rides, enhancing the overall experience. You can adjust the powers to certain wheels to increase the go-kart’s drifting capabilities. Just be cautious of the warning about tipping.

Click here for the current price of the Segway Gokart Pro Bumblebee edition.
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What we hate about the Segway Gokart Pro

  • Wish app would auto-detect gokart mode
  • Battery doesn’t last long for heavier riders
  • Seat width is narrow for adults over 170 lbs
  • Tires get worn fast if you drift a lot
  • Gokart mod needs separate batteries
  • Can flip the gokart when drifting if you aren’t careful
  • Plastic components are a little flimsy
  • Very low clearance

App Auto-Detection:

It would be more convenient if the app could automatically detect the Gokart mode, eliminating the need for manual selection. If you forget to switch between self-balancing mode and go-kart mode there is a possible chance to short the system.

Limited Battery Life for Heavier Riders:

The battery life may not be sufficient for heavier riders, leading to shorter ride durations. Children and lighter rides will get almost double the range.

Narrow Seat for Adults Over 170 lbs:

The seat width could be a bit narrow for adults weighing over 170 lbs, potentially affecting comfort during longer rides. You can remove the pads but then you are left with slippery plastic edges and nothing gripping you into the seat.

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Tire Wear from Drifting:

Frequent drifting can lead to faster tire wear, necessitating more frequent replacements. Replacing the tires is no easy task either because they are solid.

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Separate Batteries for Gokart

Having separate batteries for the Gokart mod is inconvenient. It would be nice if the hoverboard was able to charge the other batteries on the go-kart mod so you didn’t have to worry about replacing them.

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Risk of Flipping when Drifting:

Care must be taken while drifting, as aggressive maneuvers can lead to the go-kart flipping if not handled carefully. A heavier rider with the dynamic turning turned all the way up is recipe for flipping when taking tight turns at higher speeds.

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Flimsy Plastic Components:

A lot of the plastic components on the Gokart feel a bit flimsy, raising concerns about long-term durability. I already broke the spoiler when I flipped it. I wish the Gokart was made from a more rigid plastic like their GT1 ane GT2 super scooters.

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Low Clearance:

The go-kart’s low clearance may limit its usability on rough terrain or uneven surfaces.

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Final Thoughts:

In summary, the Segway Gokart Pro is an exciting, two-in-one ride that offers thrilling experiences for both kids and adults. While it comes with some minor drawbacks, such as limited battery life for heavier riders and narrow seating, its many advantages, including ease of use, dynamic turning, and adjustable speed levels, make it a top contender in the realm of go-karting fun.

Just remember to exercise caution when drifting and take note of its low clearance for optimal enjoyment and safety.

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Click here for the current price of the Segway Gokart Pro Bumblebee edition.
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