Yes, That’s Right, This Safety Gear by Andromeda is Kevlar Lined & Vegan!

Yes, That’s Right, This Safety Gear by Andromeda is Kevlar Lined & Vegan!

by freshlycharged

Jimmy and I love safety gear. Personal electric vehicles, PEVs, are a blast, but they can obtain speeds that can be dangerous in a crash. The saying goes, “Dress for the slide, not the ride.”

Kevlar has been used in bulletproof vests for years and lately it has been used in safety gear to prevent road rash. Andromeda Moto is a safety gear company in Spain, and they line all their safety gear in Kevlar. Another impressive feature about Andromeda Moto is all their products are vegan.

We wanted to let you know some of our favorite safety gear pieces Andromeda Moto carries.

Andromeda Makemake Shirt Review

The Makemake shirt looks like a traditional plaid flannel. However, once you open it up, you will find SAS-TEC level 2 elbow, shoulder, and back padding. The shirt is made from thick woven cotton and has yellow Kevlar lined inside.

Andromeda Moto Makemake Flannel Shirt with Kevlar and Padding Knowshon Moreno
Former Bronco’s runningback, Knowshon Moreno, wearing the Makemake padded flannel shirt

Jimmy loves that the Makemake shirt makes you looks like you work out because of the padding. Put on the Makemake shirt by Andromeda and you can make a dad bod look like a body builder.

The Makemake shirt is too thick for hot summer days, so it is best used when temperatures are below 70 degrees.

We love the casual look and the protection that it offers.

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Andromeda Meteor Winter Gloves Review

When I put on the Meteor Winter gloves by Andromeda, it makes me feel like I’m a superhero. While riding in cold weather, the Meteor gloves block out the cold wind chill and look stylish simultaneously. They offer carbon fiber knuckle protection, Kevlar, ventilation and wrist protection.

The Meteor Winter gloves look like leather, but they are made from vegan Superfabric®.

Andromeda Meteor Winter Gloves in the Cold

The downfalls are they don’t offer true wrist guard protection and have to be removed to use your phone. The wrist has quite a bit of padding and support, but you could still have a significant wrist injury if you slammed on the ground the wrong way. However, true wrist guards can feel awkward when attempting to hold a handlebar and pull a trigger throttle.

Click here for the current pricing on the Meteor Winter gloves.
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Andromeda Comet Gloves Review

The Comet Gloves are lightweight and made from black polyethylene leather fabric UHMWPE (Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene). UHMWPE is supposed to be stronger than traditional leather over time. The Comet gloves are also water repellent.

They offer excellent protection from the wind. The downside is the Comet Gloves are thin and offer zero wrist protection. The main use for the Comet Gloves is to protect from water, abrasion and wind chill.

The Comet gloves are thin, but they are made from the same strong polyethylene material used in Andromoda’s NearX suits.

Click here for the current pricing on the Comet gloves.
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Andromeda Comet Gloves

Andromeda Meteor Gloves

The Meteor Gloves are nearly identical to the Meteor Winter Gloves, but they are designed for warmer weathers. They did have some production issues with the stitching and Kevlar lining not matching up which they did fix with the Meteor Gloves V2.

Andromeda Meteor Gloves for warmer weather

All gloves received now should be V2 and no stitching issues. The Meteor Gloves pair well with Andromeda’s custom-made NearX suit. Most racing suits are made from leather.

The NearX suit is made from all vegan materials and has padding, sliders, and a protective aerodynamic hump. You will need to send in all your measurements to Andromeda Moto for them to custom make your NearX suit. The NearX suit is AAA level certified, the highest safety rating achievable.

We are big fans of Andromeda safety gear. Remember, the best safety gear is the safety gear you will actually wear and that means in addition to being protective, the gear needs to be comfortable, convenient, and classy. Andromeda has made some fantastic gear that fits the bill.

Click here for the current pricing on the Meteor gloves.
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Andromeda Meteor Gloves for warmer weather and NearXsuit

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