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TSG Pass Helmet Review: The Best Looking Helmet for Your Money

by freshlycharged

What’s the best helmet for the Onewheel, EUC, escooter, ebike or any of your other personal electric vehicles? The TSG Pass offers certified protection for your head and is the best looking full face helmet for personal electric vehicles and long boarding.

Who will love the TSG Pass Full Face Helmet?

The TSG Pass helmet is perfect for riders who want the protection of a full face helmet with a visor to keep your face and eyes comfortable during cold or windy rides. Oh, and did I mention, this helmet looks absolutely fantastic?!

What I think about the TSG Pass Full Face Helmet:


  • Best looking helmet in the game
  • Excellent visibility
  • Very secure fit
  • Swappable and removable visor
  • Less wind noise at high speed


  • Heavy
  • Can get hot
  • Sizing runs small, tight fit
  • D-ring strap is inconvenient
  • Difficult to hear environment
TSG Pass Helmet Onewheel

Safety First; But Style and Comfort are Nearly as Important

When I ride my Onewheel, EUC, high speed escooters, and ebikes I normally wear a full face mountain bike helmet for the best protection possible. I like the open feeling of mountain bike type full face helmets because I need to look and talk into a camera for my YouTube videos.

But when I just ride for fun and when it’s cold out or I plan on riding fast, the TSG Pass helmet has some huge benefits that I don’t get from my mountain biking helmets.

TSG Helmet

The TSG Pass is safe and protective helmet with an inner shell made of EPS (Expanded polystyrene) shock absorbing material. The TSG Pass is certified by the ASTM F1952 US-American downhill-mountain bike helmet standard and EN 1078 European bike and skateboard helmet standard. 

While I have not had a bad crash while wearing this helmet, the certifications as well as the premium feel give me confidence that it will indeed protect me in the event of a crash. 

In addition to the protection, I absolutely love the looks of the TSG pass, especially when I put on the reflective silver visor which gives me a mysterious sleek look as I zip around on my Onewheel or electric unicycle like a time traveler visiting from a high tech future.

TSG Helmet review

Putting on the TSG Pass Helmet

I ordered a large helmet based on my head measurements. The helmet is a tight fit, pushes snugly on my cheekbones, and is a bit of a challenge to put on and take off. I recommend ordering one size up for comfort. 

I’m not a big fan of the D-ring straps which I find much more tedious than the traditional buckle straps when it comes to putting on and taking off the helmet. While the D-ring may be more secure, I find it inconvenient.

TSG Pass buckle

The helmet is snug and comfortable once I get it on. Weighing 980g  (2.16 lbs) it feels heavier than my full face mountain bike helmet and definitely feels heavier than my half shell helmet. But between the snug fit and the balanced weight of the helmet, I never feel like I’m a bobble head when I ride.

The pads push snugly against my cheekbones, and overall, the helmet is comfortable, albeit a bit tight, especially with my glasses on.

The Visor

The TSG Pass comes with two visors, a clear visor and a silver reflective visor designed to keep your face warm and prevent your eyes from tearing up due to high winds. The visor protects from the cold weather, wind, bugs, dust, and debris.

TSG Pass

The silver reflective visor is my favorite. It looks amazing and the visibility is fantastic. The visor protects my face from cold winds when riding at high speed or in windy conditions.

The visor also protects my face from flying bugs. If you’ve ever had a bee fly into your helmet and get pinned up against your face, or if you’ve ever ridden at high speed into a swarm of gnats you’ll understand why a helmet like the TSG pass can be a lifesaver.

When the weather warms, ride with the visor up or partially up and if you don’t need the visor, you can ride with it removed all together.

The hinge mechanism on the visor offers good resistance and doesn’t feel cheap or loose like on some other mountain bike helmet sun visors that tend to shift up from the wind when riding at high speeds.

The visor will fog up during very cold weather, especially if you are breathing hard. But in most instances, the visor stayed free of fog.

There is an upside down “u” shaped piece of foam that presses lightly on your lips to helps to direct your breath down and out of the helmet in an effort to reduce fogging.

I did find that my glasses would occasionally fog up inside my helmet during rides, especially very cold days.

TSG Pass Helmet

Final Thoughts

The TSG Pass is one of the best looking full face helmets in my opinion. The fit is tight so I’d recommend going one size bigger.

Consider buying the TSG Pass from Eevee’s who sent us these helmets to review.

The Predator full face helmet is similar to the TSG Pass, but it comes in one size with a bunch of different padding to fit small to large heads. The Predator does have a better visor compared to the TSG Pass. Check out the Predator at Eevee’s.

You can also find the TSG helmets at Amazon.

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