Top 6 Electric Unicycles by Price per Range

Top 6 Electric Unicycles by Price per Range

by freshlycharged

I ride a lot of different electric vehicles and depending on what I’m riding and where I’m going, sometimes range anxiety gets me a little sweaty.

To see which EUCs give the best range for the money I calculated how much a single mile of range costs using the advertised range for the EUC and the MSRP. The lower the cost per mile of range, the better the value.

Let’s get started looking at the best range EUC’s for your money:

#6: InMotion V11 ($35.07 per mile of range)

Full Inmotion V11 Review

With an advertised range of 57 miles, a battery size of 1,500 Wh, and a great suspension system, the folks at InMotion still managed to put together very good value when with comes to range. It’s a smooth majestic ride. Read my full review of the InMotion V11 here. Check out availability and pricing at Ewheels.

#5: Gotway MCM5 V2($33.75 per mile of range)

Gotway MCM5 V2

This is the only 14” electric unicycle to make the list. Its nickname is the “mountain climber” because of the torque but it should also be known for its good value in the cost per mile of electric range category with an 800 Wh battery and a range of 40 miles. Check out pricing at Ewheels.

#4: Gotway Nikola+ ($31.43 per mile of range)

Screen Shot 2020 07 10 at 7.03.02 PM

If you are looking for a smaller diameter tire at 16” for a little more agility but still maintaining great range for your money, then look no further than the Nikola+ with its 70 miles of range and battery of 1,800 Wh. Check out my review of the Nikola here.

#3: King Song 18XL V2 ($28.56 per mile of range)

Kingsong 18xl

This refreshed model from 2019 has a lot to offer for under $2000. With 70 miles of range, this is the most affordable long range electric unicycle you can get for your marathon rides with a battery of 1,554 Wh. Check out pricing at Ewheels.

#2: Gotway Monster Pro ($23.33 per mile range)

Gotway Monster Pro

This is the newest and the only 24″ wheel on this list with the biggest battery at 3,600 Wh and a big motor of 3,500 W. Range reports vary, but 150 miles seems to align with many of the websites. The Gotway Monster Pro is a true monster. Check out pricing and availability at EUCO.

#1: Veteran Sherman ($22.27 per mile of range)

Veteran Sherman EUC

It’s an expensive electric unicycle at $2850, but the range of 128 miles is mind boggling. When you do the math, the Veteran Sherman is the best deal when looking at the dollars spent per mile of range on this 20″ wheel EUC with a battery of 3,200 Wh and a motor of 3,500 W. Read my review of the Veteran Sherman here. See availability and pricing at Ewheels.


The thought of having to worry about whether there’s enough juice to make it to a destination or planning where to find the time and the place to charge up can get annoying.

But at the same time, I’m a budget minded person who wants to get the best value for my money.

In this article I listed the top 5 EUCs by price per mile of range to help you decide which EUC makes the best sense for your riding habits and your budget.

I’m did not listing the EUCs with the best range. You can look that up yourself on my interactive EUC chart.


There are many ways to view value. Some may consider the lowest total price as the best value. Other considerations besides range include speed, quality, durability, and other features like speakers and overall feel of the ride.

In the EUC world batteries and range are a big deal. That’s why this dollars-per-range analysis is fitting.

Looking for the best power for your money? Read this next!

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EUC Comparison Tool

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the EUC options, so we made an interactive EUC Comparison Tool. You can sort, filter, and include or exclude data as you see fit. We hope you find this tool helpful!

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