2020 Review of the King Song 14D Electric Unicycle

2020 Review of the King Song 14D Electric Unicycle

by freshlycharged

Who will love it:

Students, commuters, and beginners looking for a reliable “last mile solution” will find the King Song 14D to be the perfect combination of portability, mobility, and value in an electric unicycle.

It is also great for young riders looking for a wheel to get around as it is not too heavy to carry and the built in trolly handle comes in very handy.

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What I think:

In a world where social media is trying to convince us all that we need to spend big money to go faster and farther, let me try to be a voice for the little guys.

Yes, there are new wheels coming out that can go much faster than any human on an electric unicycle should ever go and the ranges on these new EUCs would rival the range of my neighbor’s Nissan Leaf electric car.

But who really needs to go that fast or that far on an electric unicycle?

I argue that there are more people needing a portable wheel than there are people needing an insanely fast wheel.

An EUC that can be easily taken up and down stairs like the 30 lb King Song 14D comes in very handy if you are a commuter or city dweller looking to easily get around. For those times you have to carry your KS14D up stairs, it feels like carrying a full briefcase/messenger bag.

Outside the EUC die hard enthusiasts, how many people need an almost 80 lb behemoth to break your back as you lug it up and down stairs or to wrestle in and out of your car trunk?

While it is fun to say you have an electric unicycle that can travel a million miles on a single charge, can your body endure riding on an EUC that long and that far?

Screen Shot 2020 07 05 at 11.25.29 AM

The King Song 14D is not built for speed or trail riding. With a cruising speed of 18 miles and a range of 15-20 miles, it is the best value 14 inch wheel on the market and has a lot to offer at a very affordable price. For most up to date pricing, check this out.

The KingSong 14D is built with safety in mind. You need to understand that this wheel is not a racing wheel. It goes up to around 18 miles an hour and below 50% battery, the top speed is tapered to keep you safe.

King Song 14D vs Gotway Mten3:

I have to make this comparison because the Mten3 is a 10 inch diameter wheel that I have reviewed previously here and my daughter loves to ride her Mten3.

The King Song 14D ride is very smooth as you would expect from a King Song wheel. The 14 inch wheel makes it nimble and agile but the Gotway Mten3 and its 10 inch wheel wins for being the most nimble wheel.

KS14S vs Mten3

While both wheels have 800 w motors, the Gotway Mten3 at 22 lbs is smaller and lighter than the KingSong 14D at 30 lbs. The King Song14D did win in more than a few categories:

  • The King Song 14D handles potholes and curbs better than the Gotway Mten3.
  • The Kingsong 14D may be a bit bigger and heavier than the Mten3, the 14D has a great built in trolly handle for getting around which is lacking in the Mten3.
  • The 14D has some pretty decent speakers for listening to tunes which the Mten3 does not have.
  • The kill switch built into the handle is much more convenient on the KS14D than on the Mten3.

The Mten3 is great fun and my daughter loves her Mten3, but those looking for the stability of a slightly larger wheel while still trying to maintain portability will find that with the Kingsong 14D.

If you don’t need an insanely fast EUC with crazy range, then save your hard earned money and purchase something that fits your needs. The King Song 14D is a great wheel for students and commuters that is reliable and dependable.

The flaws:

Once you understand the targeted audience and usage for this wheel, you will find very few flaws in the King Song 14D.

The ride on the 14D is very nimble but the maneuverability is limited by the big foot pedals. I like the big foot pedals which add comfort but on very tight turns it is easy to scrape the pedals on the road. The Mten3 was able to avoid this by angling the pedals upward to give a little bit more clearance on those really tight turns.

Screen Shot 2020 07 05 at 11.26.41 AM

Personally, I don’t like glossy finish on my EUCs and on the 14D. The shiny finish looks good out of the box, but after my kids get a hold of it, scratches and dust seem to be magnified on the wheel.

The headlight is fine but I would recommend bringing an additional light source while riding at night.

The app is something that I could complain about all day. Instead of using the official King Song EUC app, I recommend using EUC world or Darknessbot. Trying to unlock a brand new wheel and adjust the speed and tilt back alerts can be cumbersome and frustrating.

If you are a heavier rider that rides on hilly streets, the 14D may not have the power to last prolong hill climbs. In that situation I would recommend upgrading to a 14S which has a bigger battery with a portable form factor that is a little bit wider and heavier than the 14D. Or consider getting a 16 inch wheel.

The King Song 14D provides a very good value. If you are interested in buying one, learn more at ewheels. Purchases through my links help to support my YouTube channel and website.

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