What is the Best Off-Road EUC?

by Nathan Schaumann

Which is the best off-road EUC is the best to take trail-riding? And we don’t just mean meandering river trails, we mean legit hair-raising mountain-bike trails. The key things to look at here are suspension, power and tire size. We’ll discuss all that and more in this review, but first – the specs:

Begode Extreme
Veteran Patton
King Song S22 Pro
Inmotion Adventure V14
40 mph
50 mph
43.5 mph
43 mph
70 miles
70 miles
70 miles
75 miles
86 lbs
89.3 lbs
77 lbs
86 lbs
Max Rider Load
290 lbs
265 lbs
265 lbs
308 lbs
Water Resistance
Suspension Travel
130mm (80mm usable)
1920 Wh
2220 Wh
2220 Wh
2400 Wh (removable)

Best Off-Road EUC #1: Begode Extreme

best off-road euc begode extreme

The Begode Extreme is the least-expensive wheel on this list, but it packs plenty of power. Many riders have said this the “torque-iest wheel” they have ever ridden, and the wheel itself was designed with a lot of feedback and input from riders. The massive suspension travel is a huge plus, and this is a great wheel for tackling stairs, curbs, and other obstacles. Off-road, up steep trails, across rocky paths, no problem. The battery is a little small, and we’d love to see the addition of a water resistance rating, especially for a wheel design for off-roading, but besides that we’re pretty happy with what this wheel offers for the price. We have seen some youtube videos of people pushing this wheel as fast as 48 mph, so the 40 mph top speed might be a little conservative.

Click here for the current price of the Begode Extreme

Best Off-Road EUC #2: Veteran Patton

veteran patton

The Veteran Patton is a monster of a wheel, weighing almost 90 lbs. Though constructed from lightweight aircraft aluminum, the massive 2220Wh battery prevents this battery from being very nimble. It’s tough for tight turns and has a high center of gravity, which takes some getting used to. That said, the top speed is the highest on the list, the price is not bad, and there are hundreds of rave reviews from very happy buyers. Though the suspension travel is the lowest of the four, that doesn’t stop it from being an excellent wheel. Not our pick for best off-roading choice, however.

Click here for the current price of the Veteran Patton

Best Off-Road EUC #3: King Song S22 Pro

This might be the best-looking EUC of the bunch, we just love looking at it. The suspension is also fantastic, and there is PLENTY of torque. Of the four, the S22 is the most powerful (tied with the Inmotion V14), has the greatest suspension travel, the largest tire, and yet still manages to weigh in at the lightest. However, the S22 has a serious durability issue – one good tumble and impact in the right spot and some of the brittle plastic pieces will crack, such as the front bumper handle, the top red plastic trim accents, and the plastic kickstand. Watch any video of any early test model King Song S20 that has taken any abuse and you will almost always find that the front bumper and kickstand are broken. Increased durability would be desirable in a road geared for rough off-road riding, hopefully there will be some updates to future editions of the S22.

See our full review here: https://freshlycharged.com/king-song-s22-s20-electric-unicycle-review/

Click here for the current price of the King Song S22 Pro

Best Off-Road EUC #4: Inmotion Adventure V14

Inmotion V14 Adventure 3D 6

The Inmotion V14, though being within $300 of the other wheels, smacks down on performance and features. It’s tied for being the most powerful, supports riders of up to 308 lbs, has the largest battery, best water resistance rating, and the longest range. We also LOVE the removable battery feature, allowing you to extend the range even more, or reduce your weight by riding with only one or two battery packs (of the four total) on short rides. Other features include an innovative BMS, 16A fast charging and DIY-friendly suspension. It also comes pre-installed with an off-road tire, with no apparent street-tire option. This is a very impressive wheel, and well worth the (early-bird) price.

Click here for the current price of the Inmotion Adventure V14

The Winner

We’re going to have to hand it to the Inmotion Adventure V14 for being the most feature-laden EUC on this list, particularly for the removable batteries, and for having the power and durability to take riders of any size up the steepest trails. We’re excited to see this wheel in the hands of more riders, so we can see it pushed to its limits.

EUC Comparison Tool

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the EUC options, so we made an interactive EUC Comparison Tool. You can sort, filter, and include or exclude data as you see fit. I hope you find this tool helpful!


inmotion v14 adventure euc 7 1

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