King Song S20 S22 Official Announcements

King Song S20 S22 Official Announcements

by freshlycharged

The King Song S20 was the most hyped and anticipated EUC ever in the history of all electric unicycles. King Song promised an amazing and revolutionary new EUC to the world and it was hard not to get excited.

Then the product was plagued by delay after delay after delay.

And then there was this incredible fire:

King Song has since made several official announcements to keep their fans informed of what is going on with the King Song S20. You can read for yourself. Here’s the first announcement.

I find it commendable that they are keeping us informed of your findings and what will be done to prevent the fire from ever happening again.

I’m not a fan of changing the name of the product from S20 to S22. It seems like a shady move, but if it worked for Gotway… I mean Begode, then why not?

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