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Wolf King GT Realistic Range Test: 39 miles?

by Nathan Schaumann

In this Wolf King GT realistic range test, I’ll debunk some common myths and claims. It is notoriously difficult to find accurate figures of real-world range for electric scooters, particularly super scooters. Manufacturers can spit out a range figure, but that figure often has little to no correlation with the range you and I would experience when riding in real-world conditions. Think: frequent starts & stops, fast speeds (most manufacturers’ tests subject the scooter to a constant speed of 15mph) and large hills.

While there are a few companies that conduct third-party range tests, none of them publish data on the average speed of the test, elevation gain or loss, or number of starts/stops. Here at Freshly Charged, we intend to do just that.

Beginning with… the Wolf King GT!

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But first, a bit about me. I’m Nathan Schaumann from Provo Utah, and I’ve been a PEV enthusiast ever since I first bought an Apollo Ghost, which I loved for its speed but detested for its paltry range. My next purchase was an Emove Cruiser, with greatly improved range but severely lacking power + hill-climbing ability (I busted through 5 different controllers over 12 months trying to climb hills). My next purchase was a Wolf King GT, which has been my main scooter for the last 2 years. Since then I’ve also purchased a Wolf Warrior X Pro (fantastic for off-roading), electric mountain bike, and I even recently was bit by the EUC bug when I purchased an Mten3. Needless to say, riding and writing about PEV’s is a passion, and I’m excited to join the Freshly Charged team and add my insights + experiences.

I have actually been the owner of two Wolf King GT’s, the first one being stolen last year when I used a cable lock instead of a U-lock. Lesson learned: don’t protect a $3500 scooter with a $8 lock. Between the two GT’s I have clocked just shy of 5,000 miles, and have run the scooter battery dead and been left stranded upwards of 20 times. Needless to say, my biggest gripe with the scooter is the range, even though it compares quite favorably to other scooters at or near its price point. But… what exactly is the real-world range of the Wolf King GT? Here comes the test.

Wolf King GT Realistic Range: The Test

To simulate real riding conditions, I mapped out a 20 mile loop, a 10 mile loop, a 5-mile loop and a 1 mile loop, all beginning and ending at my home in my somewhat hilly hometown of Provo, Utah. Beginning and ending at the same point was essential in order to eliminate net elevation gain or loss over the course of the ride.

I specifically programmed speed mode 3 (there are 6 total speed modes on the GT including Eco mode) to max out at 40mph, and I rode full throttle practically the entire ride, except to make tight turns or stop for traffic. I weigh 140lb, but can be compared to a 160lb rider due to roughly ~20lb of accessories. During the ride I made no effort to crouch down or minimize my wind resistance (which SIGNIFICANTLY increases range, blog post coming on that later). I started with a fully charged scooter (display read 83.0V) and rode until the battery cut out entirely. Visualized data comes from the apps Strava and Relive.

Wolf King GT Realistic Range: Results

Total range: 39.34 miles (Strava tracked)

Average speed: 31.6 mph (35-40mph sustained for most of the ride, except for stops/hills/turns)

Riding time: 1 hour 14 minutes

Total elevation gain: 1388 feet (net gain zero, since I started and ended in roughly the same place)

More stats from the ride

Temperature: 80 degrees

Time of day: 6pm

Tire pressure: 50 psi

Wolf King GT stats

Top Speed: 61 mph (68 mph+ with crouching)

Battery: 72V 35Ah

Weight: 125 lbs

Motor: 2000W * 2

Tires: 11″ (My GT has an off-road tire on the back, street tire on the front)

Range: Figures vary wildly, see below:

112 miles (

111 miles (

100 miles (

90 miles (

75 miles (

74 miles (

70 miles (

56 miles (

55 miles (

50 miles (

49 miles (

40 miles (

39.34 miles – Freshly Charged certified real-world 40mph range test

Graphics From the Ride

Wolf King GT Realistic Range - strava map
Strava Elevation
Strava Speed

Interactive Ride Video:

Wolf King GT Realistic Range: Notes

– This was actually my second range test on the King GT. I did the first one at night, so my headlight was on the entire time, and also I neglected to pump up the tires to the recommended pressure (the front tire was at 30 psi, rear tire at 40 psi). With all the other conditions the same the GT in that test run managed 35.88 miles, suggesting that headlight & psi together can decrease range by about 10%, or even more with a lower psi. 

– You can tell from the “Speed” graph that the speed decreased gradually as the battery drained. This is due to voltage sag; the throttle controls amp output, not volts. Though the controller was pushing around 30A, at the beginning of the ride the battery charge was 80V+, which makes 2400W of continuous output. Towards the end of the ride this dipped to 1800W, as the same 30A was now coupled with ~60V of power. This explains the gradual decrease in speed, and this can be expected from virtually all electric scooters.

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