G-FORCE ZF eBike Review – A Stylish Moped Style Electric Bicycle

G-FORCE ZF eBike Review – A Stylish Moped Style Electric Bicycle

by freshlycharged

The G-FORCE ZF is a full-suspension step-through eBike with a long saddle, alloy rims, and a headlight that gives it a moped/scooter appearance. The ZF is essentially a moped in electric bike form. Equipped with a large battery you will be able to enjoy smiles for miles on the ZF. In this review, I will tell you what I love and hate about the G-FORCE ZF. Click here to see the current pricing on the G-FORCE ZF. Save $100 with coupon code: FreshlyCharged

What I love about the G-FORCE ZF

  • PAS levels feel good
  • Rear suspension feels great
  • Front suspension doesn’t bottom out easily
  • Large battery
  • Budget price
  • Alloy rims
  • 20×4 inch knobby tires
  • Color display
  • Good looking ebike
  • Offbrand hydraulic brakes work well
  • Packaged well
  • Bright headlight
  • Comfy seat
  • Twist throttle
  • Simple disconnect on the motor for easier tire changes
  • 3 Amp charger

What type of suspension is on the G-FORCE ZF?

The G-FORCE ZF features hydraulic suspension in the front and coil suspension in the rear. The suspension is soft and plush which makes for a nice and comfy ride. A lot of the budget ebikes use coil suspension in the front which bottoms out easily under my current weight of 200 lbs. The front hydraulic suspension works well and doesn’t bottom out easily when I’m riding the ZF.
G FORCE ZF comfy seat with step through frame

The G-FORCE ZF Rims Look Amazing!

The G-FORCE ZF features Bafang alloy rims. G-FORCE eBikes are the only bikes Jimmy and I have reviewed without the traditional bicycle spoke design. The alloy rims really make this ebike standout and add an aesthetically pleasing look that reminds me of a motorcycle. The rims look sweet but they do add some extra weight to the bike.
G FORCE ZF bafang alloy rim

What type of brakes are on the G-FORCE ZF?

The ZF features Ronglun two-piston hydraulic brakes paired with 160mm brake discs. We have never seen the Ronglun brakes used before on any ebike or escooter besides the G-FORCE ZM. However, the levers look similar to the Zoom hydraulic brakes. For being off-brand brakes, they have great stopping power. I wish G-FORCE would have used 180mm brake discs to increase stopping power because the rims have plenty of room to fit them.
G FORCE ZF display control and ronglun hydraulic brake levers

How bright is the light on the G-FORCE ZF?

G-FORCE does not mention the number of lumens on the ZF headlight. However, we found it to be brighter than most eBikes we have reviewed in the past. On top of it being bright, the headlight has a unique design that we have never seen before besides the G-FORCE ZM. The headlight features LEDs around the edge and in the center, with a metal cage over the top. The headlight is mounted well and does not shift when riding or hitting bumps.
G FORCE ZF Unique headlight

What type of display is on the G-FORCE ZF?

The G-FORCE ZM features a large color display which I prefer over grayscale displays. I would like all eBikes to come with color displays. It’s 2022 and I’m still wondering why eBikes come with displays that look like large Casio watches. I like the display on the G-FORCE ZF, but it has its drawbacks that I will mention later.
G FORCE ZF Color Display

How big is the battery on the G-FORCE ZF?

The ZF comes in two battery sizes, 13.5Ah and 20Ah. The 20Ah version costs only $100 more than the 13.5Ah version, so I would just spend the extra money for a battery that is almost 1.5 times larger. I like that the ZF comes with a 20Ah version because most ebikes have batteries that are 15Ah or less.
G FORCE ZF battery and front suspension

How long does the G-FORCE ZF take to charge?

The 20Ah and 13.5Ah G-FORCE ZF should take just under 7 hours to charge from empty to full. The 20Ah version comes with a 3 amp charger and the 13.5Ah version comes with a 2 amp charger.
G FORCE ZF Crankset

Soft and comfy seat on the G-FORCE ZF

The large saddle on the G-FORCE ZF has a lot of padding making it extra comfortable for long rides. The comfy seat paired with full suspension makes the ZF an enjoyable ride over bumpy and imperfect terrain. Click here to see the current pricing on the G-FORCE ZF. Save $100 with coupon code: FreshlyCharged
G FORCE ZF Comfy Seat

What I hate about theG-FORCE ZF?

  • Chunky welds
  • Throttle delay
  • Can’t get cruise control off
  • Rear light doesn’t act as a brake light
  • Color display should have easier navigation
  • Pedal assist delay
  • Extra runoff after you stop pedaling
  • Shimano Tourney Derailleur is on the lower end
  • Turning radius to the left is limited due to cables
  • Cable management
  • Plastic fenders

How do you turn off cruise control on the G-FORCE ZF?

I have yet to find out how to turn off cruise control on the ZF. I have adjusted the P16 setting to turn off cruise control on the ZF, but it will still engage when riding. You can always hit the brakes to turn off the cruise control but I find it obnoxious that I can’t turn it off.
G FORCE ZF cockpit

What type of derailleur is on theG-FORCE ZF?

The ZF features a Shimano Tourney Derailleur which is the lowest end of derailleur that Shimano offers. I would have liked them to spend a little bit more to put a Shimano Altus or Acera derailleur on the bike.
G FORCE ZF shimano tourney derailleur

What type of fenders is on the G-FORCE ZF?

The ZF comes with plastic fenders. I would have preferred metal fenders to go with the overall look of the G-FORCE ZF. However, I am happy that it comes stock with fenders. Some companies like Aventon will charge you to add fenders to your bikes which can become costly.

Does the G-FORCE ZF ride like a traditional bike when in PAS 0?

No. The G-FORCE ZF is heavy and you can’t adjust the seat height to make it feel like a traditional bike. The ZF rides more like a moped. Jimmy and I prefer to ride the bike using purely throttle only most of the time.
G FORCE ZF from the front

Color display with limitations

I wish the display on the ZF would show exactly what I’m adjusting instead of having P-settings. Most ebikes with color displays have intuitive controls where I can read what I am changing. On the ZF, you need to carry around a manual or a digital copy of the manual so you know what P-settings to adjust.
G FORCE ZF moped light

Major throttle delay on the ZF

When you twist the throttle on the ZF, there is a major delay in the throttle. It takes a second for it to engage and it is a little sluggish. Once the ZF gets moving, it picks up speed well but I wish it had better bottom end torque.
G FORCE ZF shimano shifter with ronglun brake lever 1

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a comfortable ebike that is more moped than bike, you will want to check out the ZF. The ZF is perfect for long comfy rides with its large battery, comfy seat, and plush suspension. With its unique moped look and alloy rims, you’ll stand out riding the ZF on your daily commute.

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