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Onewheel Pint Review: 3 Reasons To Get a Pint

by freshlycharged

The Onewheel Pint is the newest member of the Onewheel Family. As implied by the name, the Pint is a smaller more nimble Onewheel compared to its elder brothers the V1, Plus and XR. The Onewheel Pint is the result of years of planning, design, and engineering. The result is a more affordable Onewheel for the masses.

The Pint replaces the Onewheel Plus in the Onewheel lineup. Future Motion phased out the  Onewheel Plus with the introduction of the Pint while the Onewheel XR remains the flagship of the Future Motion Onewheel fleet.

Here’s a side by side comparison of the two Onewheels for sale on the Onewheel website:

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Reason #1: You Are Looking to Get Your First Onewheel

During the Onewheel Pint launch event in New York City, the Future Motion CEO Kyle Doerksen said the following:

“After adding more power, speed and range with our last two product releases, we wanted to put the core Onewheel ride experience into a more accessible package.”

Kyle Doerksen CEO

This sums up the intended target audience of the Onewheel Pint. It is not for the hardcore Onewheel enthusiasts. The Pint is geared towards those looking to get their first Onewheel without spending a ton of money.

The Pint will inspire a new wave of Onewheel riders which will help solidify Future Motion’s sole dominance as the king of the one wheeled electric skateboards.

According to Doerksen the Pint is “a great addition to the premium, long-range Onewheel+ XR already in our line-up.”

Reason #2: You Don’t Want to Spend a Ton of Money

The Pint is no XR and that could be a good thing. The Pint starts at $950. Yes the Pint has a lower top speed and less than half the range of the Onewheel XR. But the Pint is significantly less expensive than the $1800 XR.

At almost half the price of an XR you are getting a Onewheel packed with some pretty neat features that we will discuss below.

Reason #3: The Pint is Packed with Features

In addition to price, the Pint has some other alluring features that I would love to see in all future models of the Onewheel. These features include:

  • A built-in magnetic handle to make carrying the device a lot easier.
  • A new light bar for battery charge and alerts while riding.
  • The new SimpleStop technology which makes dismounting the Onewheel much easier for beginners.

With all these great new features and a price tag of $950 compared to the flagship Onewheel XR’s price tag of $1800, the Pint will be a very popular item amongst those looking to purchase their first Onewheel.

Will this new Onewheel appeal to hardcore Onewheel riders who already own previous Onewheel models?

That will depend on just how nimble the Pint really is and if the ride quality truly is as amazing as Onewheel evangelist Jack Mudd and YouTuber Jesse Driftwood would have us all believe.

I have ordered my Onewheel Pint. I hope it will live up to the hype but my expectations are tempered as I feel that the range will be a limiting factor for me as my favorite cruising path when I go to unwind is about 11 miles.

My full review is soon to come. Be sure to check back as I will be updating and adding to this review once I get my new Onewheel Pint.

I did speak with Onewheel Legend SlydogStroh to get his thoughts on the Pint. You can check it out here:

In the meanwhile, you can check out my first impressions of the Pint from launch day. It was edited at the request of Future Motion so it may seem a little choppy, but I’ll leave that story for a later date.

If you are wondering why the Onewheel is so expensive, read this article.

If you are interesting in getting a good deal on a used Onewheel, check out these 7 tips.

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