Big Upgrades – Apollo City 2023 (Dual Motor)

by Nathan Schaumann

While the majority of our reviews feature completely new scooter models, today we’re going to look at a scooter that’s already been around for a while, and is simply getting an update. It’s the Apollo City 2023 Dual Motor, which is currently available for pre-order on the Apollo website, shipping in mid-October. There are lots of things upgraded from previous Apollo City models, which we’ll cover shortly. Here are the basic specs:


Price: $1649

Speed: 32 mph

Range: 43 miles (at 15 mph)

Weight: 65 lbs

Max Rider Load: 265 lbs

Motor: 2 x 500W

Water resistance: IP66

Tires: 10-inch

Suspension: Triple spring (one front, two rear)

Brakes: Dual Drum + Regen

Battery: 48V, 20Ah (960 Wh)

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10,000km frame warranty from Apollo

Phone holder included

“Super toolkit” included

Self healing tires

T3 Award winner 2023 “Best Electric Scooter”

500 Lumen, 20 Lux Front Headlight

Apollo City Pro 2023 1

Updates from previous models of the Apollo City

Handlebar-mounted turn signals

2x brighter headlight

Dedicated regen throttle (included on all new Apollo models)

Larger battery with 21700 cells

Redesigned “zero wobble” folding mechanism

Things we love:

Apollo’s build quality is unmatched. The already sturdy folding mechanism and stem was made even sturdier on the 2023 update, and the suspension is everything you could ask for from a sub-$2000 scooter. 

It’s nearly impossible for a scooter to have a headlight that’s too bright, and so the added power to the 2023 model’s headlight is a great update.

We love the handlebar-integrated turn signals on all the new Apollo models, increasing visibility and safety on the road during both the day and night time.

The self-healing tires held up excellently to numerous independent reviews, so you can be confident that 

you’ll get many hundreds (or even thousands) of miles out of your tires before having to worry about flats.

A solid water-resistance rating is almost essential on any scooter that is expected to replace your car, and Apollo’s IP66 rating is as good as it gets in the industry.

apollo city 2022 anodized frame

Room for improvement:

With Apollo engineering comes Apollo pricing – this scooter is overpriced, plain and simple. Its arguably the slowest scooter (32 mph) in its price class; the Eonmotors Blade X Pro blows past it at 56 mph for a cheaper price ($1599), as does the Dualtron Eagle Pro (44 mph), NanRobot N6 (40 mph) and the Yume M10 (43 mph).

The Apollo City is also pretty heavy considering its speed; there are plenty of <70lb scooters that outrun it considerably, such as the Kaabo Mantis (38 mph) and the Dualtron Spider 2 (43 mph). Even the Rion Thrust (80 mph if you’re brave enough) is lighter than the Dualtron City.

A note on the Apollo estimated range:

Independent tests show the scooter having roughly a 22-27 mile range (Electric Scooter Insider, Rider Guide) in real-world conditions, which is a much more useful range estimate than the “43 miles in eco mode” figure from Apollo.

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