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Our First Electric BMX E-Bike, the ZOOZ Urban Ultralight 1100 Review

by freshlycharged

The ZOOZ Urban Ultralight 1100 is a BMX inspired electric bike that combines beauty, form, and function put into a package that will remind any grown man why biking was so much fun as a kid.

The first time I spotted an ad for the ZOOZ Urban Ultralight 1100, I was smitten. From the BMX design to the all chrome finish, it looked so different from any other electric bicycle we have ever seen. Luckily for us, one of the ZOOZ designers is local to us in Denver, so we could borrow it for a few weeks to do this review.

In this review, we will tell you what we loved and hated about the ZOOZ Urban Ultralight 1100.

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Zooz Urban Ultralight 1100 Gorgeous

Top 10 things I love

  1. Gorgeous bike
  2. Nostalgic
  3. Does not look like an Ebike
  4. Great cable management
  5. Ton of fun
  6. Fast
  7. Nimble
  8. Adjustable kickstand
  9. Fun to jumps off curbs and features
  10. Stable

ZOOZ Urban Ultralight 1100 Specifications

Battery52V 19.2aH
CellsLithium Ion 18650 cells
Set/Max Speed27mph / 33mph
Andrew’s Max Speed33mph
Rated/Peak Power750w / 1600w
Motor52V direct drive
Stated Range33 – 40 miles
Andrew’s Max Speed Range Test27 miles
Total Weight62.6 lbs
Charging Time5+ hours
Pedal AssistCadence Sensor
Load Capacity300lbs
TiresMAXXIS Hookworm 24 x 2.50
BrakesHydraulic F/203mm R/180mm
ClassHydraulic F/203mm R/180mm

The ZOOZ is a time traveling machine

Some ebikes take you to the future. The ZOOZ takes you back to your past, and it is AWESOME!

Forget the time traveling DeLorean from the Back to the Future movies. If you want something that will take you on a trip, the ZOOZ ebike is it!

My favorite thing about the ZOOZ Urban Ultralight 1100 is it brings me back to my childhood days of riding a BMX bike.  I had my brother in laws try out the ZOOZ, and they all came back with a grin from ear to ear. 

One of my brother in laws was coming around turns fast, and sliding his feet on the asphalt which was the staple move we did when life was simpler and when we were kids.

We all agreed that the ZOOZ eBike helped us time travel back in time to when there wasn’t a care in the world. The ZOOZ eBike is more than a shiny ebike, it’s a time machine!

Zooz Urban Ultralight 1100 Andrew

The ZOOZ Urban Ultralight 1100 is gorgeous

The chrome and clean lines of the ZOOZ UU1100 make the bike stunning.  Jimmy and I agree it is by far the most beautiful ebike we have ever reviewed. 

The ZOOZ UU1100 is so pretty, that I treat it like I’m carrying a baby.  I have yet to ride a PEV that made me so cautious when moving it around….until I met the ZOOZ UU1100. When I first picked it up to review, I changed out my moving blanket to ensure no sand scratched the chrome finish.

To those who are afraid this bike will scratch easily, we’ve taken it on all sorts of terrain and the ZOOZ still looks great.

Zooz Urban Ultralight 1100 Gorgeous Reflection

The ZOOZ Ebike is so much fun I could eat a banana sideways while riding it!

Some random guy

The ZOOZ is the ultimate fun machine.  You time travel to your childhood days of riding BMX, but you are ripping it at speeds up to 33 mph. 

With the nostalgic feelings kicking in, and 33 mph winds ripping past your body….It’s hard not to smile from ear to ear.

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Ride the ZOOZ in stealth without people realizing it is an Ebike

The ZOOZ UU1100 has such a clean look that it doesn’t even look like an ebike. I have had lots of people ask, “Where’s the battery?”  The designers did such a great job with making the ZOOZ UU1100 look just like a traditional BMX bike.

The ZOOZ UU1100 is still a head turner with its sleek look, but rarely do people know they are looking at an ebike.

Zooz Urban Ultralight 1100 On the Platte River

No Spaghetti with your ZOOZ Ebike

Cable management is the bane of our existence.  Flat screen TVs and minimalistic Apple designed products have made many people OCD about hiding their cables. 

Sometimes ebikes can be the opposite of minimalism when it comes to cable management. A lot of ebikes we ride look as if someone spilled a plate of spaghetti noodles on the handlebars. 

The ZOOZ UU1100 is the exception. The ZOOZ ebike does a great job with cable management. You still see some cables up top but they are cleanly wired through the frame.

Amazing geometry creating a very nimble ZOOZ E-bike

I love how the ZOOZ UU1100 feels just as nimble as a traditional high end BMX bike.  The design is perfect for being able to carve and perform power slides.  When riding some ebikes, they can feel unnatural and weight distribution can feel awkward.

The ZOOZ makes me feel like I’m are riding a true BMX bike… that is until the battery dies and I have to manually pedal 66 lbs around. That part is no fun, but everything else about the ZOOZ is all fun.

No more bikes falling over with the adjustable kickstand

There is nothing worst than an incorrect sized kickstand. Terrain is constantly changing, and a perfect placed kickstand can become useless in certain situations.  That is why I love the adjustable kickstand on the ZOOZ UU1100.

I am blown away that this is the first time I have seen this design for an adjustable kickstand. Simply press the button and adjust the kickstand height. You can also adjust it to keep the bike straight up and down displaying the ZOOZ UU1100 like a shiny chrome trophy!

Sturdy construction designed to hit jumps

Add a heavy battery and motor to most ebikes, and it makes jumping about as fun as jumping a shopping kart. 

I will jump any bike, but most ebikes rattle like crazy when launching them off curbs and jumps. The ZOOZ UU1100 is designed with a strong frame and smart design. The chain does not clank around when sending it off jumps and the sturdy frame instills confidence.

We put the ZOOZ UU1100 through the ringer having our friend, Jake, sending it 10-15 feet off jumps. The bike held up well and there was no rattling.

ZOOZ Urban Ultralight Jumping Massive Air Peak
Our friend Jake sending the ZOOZ Urban Ultralight 1100 to the moon!

The ZOOZ E-bike feels like you are attached to the road

I was worried the ZOOZ UU1100 would feel unstable at high speeds due to the lack of suspension.  However, the ZOOZ is the most stable ebike we have ever ridden on the streets.  The 24 x 2.50 Maxxis Hookworm tires grip the road and handle carving well.

When riding the ZOOZ UU1100 I feel like I have rails attached to train tracks. The ride is solid and I have yet to feel squirley when taking deep tight carves.

Top 5 drawbacks

  1. Heavy for true BMX standards
  2. No front facing light
  3. No suspension
  4. Not the most powerful hill climber using throttle only
  5. No adjustable seat

How heavy is the ZOOZ UU1100?

The ZOOZ UU1100 weighs 62.6 lbs. This is modest by electric bike standards but it is still a drawback to the ZOOZ UU1100. 

Analog BMX bikes weigh less than half of the ZOOZ but with pedal assist and throttle, the ZOOZ UU1100 rides just like a normal bike.  However, when sending the ZOOZ UU1100 off jumps or if the battery dies, that is when you can feel all 62.6 lbs of this electric bike.

The less powerful ZOOZ UU750 is also available which is a little lighter.

Zooz Urban Ultralight 1100 Rear Tire Motor and Disc Brake

Dude, where is my headlight?

The ZOOZ UU1100 does not look like an ebike, and that may be the reason why they left out a headlight.  Headlights on ebikes can be a dead giveaway that it is an ebike.  The ZOOZ does not have headlights and it only has one reflectors on each wheel.

While the chrome is shiny and bright, if you are going to be riding a lot at night, you will want to get a headlight for safe night riding. You may also want to add some more reflectors to ensure you are seen by oncoming vehicles and pedestrians.

Zooz Urban Ultralight 1100 No Headlight

The ZOOZ has zero suspension

We are reaching a little with this drawback but there is not much to not like about the ZOOZ UU1100

Traditional BMX bikes do not have suspension, so it makes sense on why ZOOZ chose not to add suspension.  The ride is still comfy with its long saddle, and you can always use your knees when riding through rough terrain.

Zooz Urban Ultralight 1100 Graffiti Art

Is the ZOOZ E-Bike good for steep and hilly areas?

If you are using throttle only, the ZOOZ UU1100 struggles up steep terrain. However, if you assist by peddling the ZOOZ UU1100 up hills, it performs well. 

I like to have it on pedal assist level 5 when climbing up hills to make it easier on myself. After all, at my age, I’ve earned the right to enjoy riding a bike that lets me enjoy more and struggle less.

Zooz Urban Ultralight 1100 Thumb Throttle

Does the ZOOZ UU1100 have an adjustable seat?

There is no seat adjustment on the ZOOZ UU1100.  You can purchase a taller handlebar but the ZOOZ UU1100 might not be the best option if you are really tall. 

I did find it funny watching my 6’ 5” brother-in-law riding the ZOOZ UU1100 because his knees were up in his chest when pedaling.

Zooz Urban Ultralight 1100 No Adjustable Seat

Who should get the ZOOZ Urban Ultralight 1100?

The ZOOZ UU1100 is the perfect ebike for those who enjoyed peddleing a BMX around their neighborhood as a kid and wants to relive that experience.

The ZOOZ UU1100 is perfect for the person going through that midlife crisis, wanting an escape from the monotonous 9-5 adulthood, but smart enough to realize that an expensive convertible or red Corvette isn’t the answer.

If you like to stand out, the chromed out appearance of the ZOOZ UU1100 is a show stopper.

If you want to feel like a kid again, the ZOOZ UU1100 will help you achieve that!

Zooz Urban Ultralight 1100 Checking Itself Out In The Mirror

Who should avoid the ZOOZ Urban Ultralight 1100 E-Bike?

The ZOOZ UU1100 is not for someone who wants a versatile ebike.  The ZOOZ UU1100 is great for those wanting to ride streets and hit small jumps. However, I would not suggest the ZOOZ UU1100 for those who want to use it for off-roading or loose gravel.

We took the ZOOZ off packed dirt jumps. However, if the ground was muddy, the skinny MAXXIS Hookworm tires would have struggled. If you have back issues, we highly suggest you look into a bike with suspension.

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