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Portable Solar Generator for my Onewheels and more with EcoFlow!

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The EcoFlow Delta Max is the ultimate portable power generator that can handle a massive load. You can charge 6 scooters or Onewheels simultaneously, making it the perfect adventuring and camping buddy especially if you are off the grid and away from a reliable power source to charge.

I even recharged my Tesla with the EcoFlow!

On top of charging your PEVs (personal electric vehicles), you can use the EcoFlow Delta Max to power your fridge and other electronics when the power goes out.

Jimmy and I put the EcoFlow Delta Max through its paces and it passed with flying colors. I was amazed that we could power a griddle, induction cooktop, electric kettle while charging a cell phone and two Onewheels.

In this review, we will explain all the features the EcoFlow Delta Max has to offer, and what we hate and love about it. We will also give our thoughts on the EcoFlow 400W solar panels.

Click here for the current pricing of the EcoFlow Delta Max
Click here for the current pricing of the EcoFlow Solar Panels

What we love about the EcoFlow Delta Max

  • Quiet
  • Can run add two extra batteries in parallel for a total of 6 kwh
  • Compact
  • Powerful
  • Can charge via solar panels
  • 6 grounded outlets
  • Charges from empty to full in about 2 hours
  • Easy to use app
  • No noxious fumes
  • Can be used indoors
  • Can charge via wall outlet and solar simultaneously
  • Storage compartment on top for cables

What we hate about the EcoFlow Delta Max

  • Not waterproof or water resistant
  • Expensive compared to gas generators
  • Battery degradation can happen over time
  • Fan noise from 4 fans to keep cool
  • Display is hard to read in sunlight
  • Application delay with the device

What is the Ecoflow Delta Max?

It’s a portable power station, like those portable generators you use to produce electricity when your power goes out or when you need a lot of electricity, but with nowhere to plug into.

But instead of a loud, carbon monoxide spewing generator that’s fueled by gasoline or diesel, the Ecoflow stores its power in batteries and can be charged using the sun!

It’s basically a box that holds a bunch of batteries, and on the outside you have plugs to input power to charge it via a wall plug or a car 12 volt port, or even solar panels. Then of course, it has ports to output power to your various devices and gizmos.

The EcoFlow Delta Max comes in a 1612 Wh and 2016 Wh capacity. The Delta Max offers grounded AC and DC power to power virtually any device in your home, RV, or anywhere you need power.

EcoFlow Delta Max Charging 5 Onewheels while being charged by solar panels

It’s portable and ready to go, so if the power goes out at my house or at a buddies home, I can use this to power the fridge, freezer, cpap machine and other essentials at a moment’s notice.

How can I charge my EcoFlow Delta Max?

The EcoFlow power station stores its power in batteries, and you can charge those batteries with the included cables from an outlet, your car’s 12volt port, or with solar panels. 

EcoFlow Delta Max

You can even double up charging and if you are in a hurry, combining solar and wall outlet charging.

Just charging from a normal wall outlet allows for impressively fast charging. In one hour, I was able to get 70-80% charge on the EcoFlow and in less than two hours time, the EcoFlow had charged to full.

What power output can the EcoFlow Delta Max handle? 

There are 6 grounded outlets that can handle 2400W total and surges up to 5000 watts. There are also 2 USB-A ports, 2 fast USB-A ports, and 2 USB C ports.

Ecoflow delta max outlets

If you have devices that are not sensitive to drops in voltage, like an electric griddle or electric kettle, you can enable xboost through the app on your phone, and the EcoFlow Delta Max can handle up to 3400W consistently, and maintains a higher wattage to the devices by lowering the voltage output.

Click here for the current pricing of the EcoFlow Delta Max
Click here for the current pricing of the EcoFlow Solar Panels

EcoFlow Delta Max USB

How smart is the EcoFlow Delta Max?

The EcoFlow Delta Max is extremely smart and adaptive. The display is easy to read and helpful. The display tells you the charge, input output values, and estimated time given the current usage, or estimated time to full charge.

The EcoFlow app makes it even smarter. There is built-in Wi-Fi to communicate with the app on your phone, making it easy to update the firmware.

Just be aware that the display is hard to see in direct sunlight. I love that the fans kick in automatically to cool the system, but the 4 fans can be a little loud. However, the generator can warm up a tent when the fan exhausts heat from the generator.

How much does the EcoFlow Delta Max 2000 weigh?

The EcoFlow Delta Max 2000 weighs about 48 lbs making it much lighter than gas generators. If you buy the 400W solar panels to go along with it, be prepared for the additional 34.2 lbs.

How fast does the EcoFlow Delta Max charge using an outlet?

We have confirmed the EcoFlow Delta Max can charge from 0-70 in 1hr and 0-100 in less than 2hr when plugged into an outlet. The charge cycle is similar to a Tesla vehicle, where it can charge fast up to 70% and slows down when charging the last 30% to help preserve battery chemistry.

How fast does the EcoFlow Delta Max charge using the 400W solar panels?

EcoFlow offers 400W portable solar panels that can charge the Delta Max 2000 in a little over 5 hours. You can add up to 800W solar panels to charge the Delta Max 2000 in under 3 hours.

The solar panels are surprisingly heavy but the case is high quality and it doubles as a stand. Be prepared to move the solar panels to face the sun every few hours.

On a sunny day, the 400W solar panels averaged almost 400W of charging, just as expected. On a very cloudy day, the energy input dropped to 100W. I was actually surprised that the solar panels could harness any energy on a cloudy day.

The Delta Max would be a perfect companion for a camper van or RV with solar panels on top.

Ecoflow Solar Charging

How many times can I charge my PEV with the EcoFlow Delta Max 2000?

PEV Watt hours How many times can it be charged
Onewheel Pint 147 13.71
Onewheel XR 324 6.22
Onewheel Pint X 324 6.22
Ninebot Max G30LP 367 5.49
Onewheel GT 525 3.84
Ninebot Max G30 551 3.66
Emove Touring 624 3.23
Aventon Aventure 720 2.80
ZERO 10X (52V) 936 2.15
Kaabo Mantis Pro SE 1092 1.85
YUME Y10 1212 1.66
Emove Cruiser 1560 1.29
VSETT 10+R 1680 1.20
InMotion V12 1750 1.15
Kaabo Wolf King+ 2016 1.00
Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+ 2100 0.96
Nami Burn-E 2304 0.88
Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro 2520 0.80
Bronco Xtreme 11 Sport 2520 0.80

Areas for Improvement on the EcoFlow

I only have two major gripes with the EcoFlow Delta Max.

The set up was straight forward but connecting to the EcoFlow with my phone was a little buggy. Connection dropped a few times, probably because I walked away from the device, and there is a definite delay between what you do on the app and what happens with the EcoFlow.

I wonder why the engineers chose to use WiFi as the means of connection with my phone rather than Bluetooth.

The display on the EcoFlow is great, if you are not in the sun. However, because I like to use the EcoFlow outdoors and charge my EcoFlow using solar panels, the device is often in the sun which renders the glare prone display pretty useless.

Who is the EcoFlow Delta Max perfect for?

If you love adventuring off grid, whether camping or trail riding PEVs, the EcoFlow Delta Max is the perfect companion.

I always dream about bringing a scooter, EUC or Onewheel, with me on camping trips but I always wondered how I would charge them. With the EcoFlow Delta Max being so compact, I can now bring a PEV camping.

EcoFlow Solar

If you live in areas with unstable power grids or have inclement weather, the EcoFlow Delta Max is excellent to power your household. Texas had a major power crisis in February 2021, which left more than 4.5 million without power. With the EcoFlow Delta Max you can power your fridge and chest freezer at the same time.

Millions of dollars of food rotted because power was out for over a week during that storm. You can power your electronics, and charge the EcoFlow Delta Max with solar panels simultaneously.

If you have a camper van or RV with solar panels and want to store power as you travel, the EcoFlow Delta Max is a great accessory to have. With its compact footprint and smart features, you can efficiently store power for when you get to your next stop.

EcoFlow Delta Max Pricing, Coupon and Discount Codes

Click here for the current pricing of the EcoFlow Delta Max
Click here for the current pricing of the EcoFlow Solar Panels

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