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ShockFlo G1 2 in 1 EV Charger: Comprehensive Review

by Jimmy Chang

The ShockFlo G1 charger is a true multitasker EV charger for an affordable price. It serves as both a portable charger and a semi-permanent home solution, making it a highly adaptable choice for electric vehicle owners. It’s perfect for those who move frequently or have multiple locations to charge, such as vacation homes or workplaces equipped with a NEMA 1450 outlet.

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I’ve been using my ShockFlo 40 Amp charger for our Rivian R1T and it has performed beautifully on road trips, camping trips and as my home charger. In this review I’ll share with you what I love and what needs to improve with the ShockFlo EV Charger.

Portability and Travel-Readiness

One of the most impressive features is the charger’s portability. Whether you’re taking a road trip, moving to a new place, or simply need a charger on the go, the ShockFlo is ready to accompany you. Charging your EV has never been so flexible.

The case is big enough to easily store the charger for when you are traveling. The wall mount is simple and effective for when you want to use the ShockFlo as a home charging station.

With support for NEMA 1450 outlets at 240V, the ShockFlo charger ensures you can charge your electric vehicle almost anywhere.

Shockflo EV Charger

Adjustable Power and Display

The ShockFlo charger doesn’t skimp on power, delivering up to 40 amps for rapid charging. What’s more, you can tailor the charging output directly from the charger’s intuitive buttons and display, ensuring your charging needs are met wherever you are. No app downloads are required and there is no messing around with bluetooth or WiFi as the display shows all the essential information, such as the set amperage, actual draw, and session length.

User-Friendly Operation

The ShockFlo charger’s two simple buttons for setting the charge rate and time make it accessible to users of all experience levels. It’s a straightforward, hassle-free experience.

Amperage Control

EV owners will appreciate the charger’s ability reduce amperage based on your circuit’s capacity and other electrical loads. This feature provides safety and peace of mind, preventing overloads.

Durability and Weather Resistance

The ShockFlo charger’s build quality is impressive, with a thick, durable, and flexible cable that can withstand daily use. It’s even IP67 water-resistant and operational in temperatures ranging from -22°F to 122°F, ensuring reliability in various conditions.

While I would not use the ShockFlow as a permanent outdoor charging solution, the ShockFlo is durable enough to use outdoors when traveling and camping.

Competitive Pricing

We also appreciate the competitive pricing of the ShockFlo charger. It offers a feature-packed experience without breaking the bank. Check out their website for up to date pricing and availability.

Shockflo Charger

Areas for Improvement

While the ShockFlo charger boasts many strengths, there are a few areas for potential improvement. Some users might wish for the display to automatically turn off when not in use, as well as a locking feature while charging. The charger does have a place to put a physical lock on the charger trigger.

Additionally, a slightly longer cable could enhance its convenience further. My ShockFlo length is actually slightly shorter than my stock Rivian charger which was the perfect length for my needs. Since the ShockFlo is slightly shorter, I have to change the way I park in the garage to charge.

In conclusion, the ShockFlo Portable Electric Vehicle Charger is a versatile and competitively priced solution for electric vehicle owners. Its adaptability, portability, adjustable power, and user-friendly interface make it a standout product in the EV charging market.

I like the ShockFlo so much, it has now become my permanent home charger. I also bring it along on road trips when I know I will have access to a NEMA 1450 outlet.

As the electric vehicle charging landscape evolves, the ShockFlo charger is undoubtedly a compelling choice for those seeking a flexible, reliable, and affordable charging solution.

ShockFlo G1 Portable EV Charger Get 10% off with code: FR10

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