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Teleport Ride – Legit or Scam?

by Nathan Schaumann

If you haven’t heard of the Teleport Ride, a new E-bike recently launched by a Canada-based company, it is definitely worth checking out. The initial specs, product videos and advertising looks extremely slick, and if the eventual product is anything like the hype, this will be a truly amazing E-bike. Delivery is “scheduled to start in February 2024”, and until now we have yet to see any independent reviews of this bike, so we’ll stick to the official company releases (and various internet rumors). Reserve yours here: https://launch.teleportride.com/


Price: $1699

Range: 100 miles (reported)

Speed: 28 mph

Torque: 80 Nm

Motor: 750W (1200W peak)

Tire: 28” puncture proof

Brakes: Tektro Hydraulic Disc 

Weight: 34 lbs

Max rider weight: 290 lbs

Battery: 36V 11.4Ah (410.4 Wh)

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Sine Wave Controller

Regenerative braking

Integrated OLED display

Aerospace-grade aluminum frame

Torque Sensor

5 levels of pedal assist

Thumb throttle

2 frame sizes (fits riders from 5’ to 6’ 7”

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Things We Love

Right out of the gate, this looks like a pretty impressive bike. 100 miles of range from a bike that weighs 34 lbs is almost unbelievable, and we’re assuming the regen braking feature is largely the culprit for this. Regenerative braking is extremely uncommon on E-bikes, and we’ve never reviewed a “true” e-bike that has it. It will definitely be interesting to see how it performs in real-world tests. 

The bike looks extremely sleek. Great cable management, and at a first glance you wouldn’t notice its an e-bike.

The price, if it remains at $1699, sounds almost too good to be true. As is common with most early releases, we fully expect the price to shoot up once the bike enters mass-market production, but even a price tag of $2000 would be extremely reasonable for a bike with these features.

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Room For Improvement

The Teleport Ride, unfortunately, for many reasons feels like a lot of bark and no bite. The company itself has been somewhat reticent in response to communication requests, and there isn’t a single independent review. For a bike that is supposedly being shipped in the next 6 months, it seems reasonable that the company would have shipped some early production models to independent testers by this point. 

The 100-mile range figure seems exaggerated, even with the addition of meaningful regenerative braking. The numbers just don’t add up, and we figure this bike is good for around 50-miles of normal riding.

We recommend checking out this article for a deeper dive into the legitimacy of some of Teleport’s claims. https://discerningcyclist.com/teleport-ride/

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