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New 72V Nanrobot LS7+ Scooter Review – An overdue improvement

New and improved Nanrobot LS7+

by Andrew N

In our initial assessment of the Nanrobot LS7+ Scooter, disappointment was the prevailing sentiment. Marketed as ‘the fastest non-racing scooter,’ the scooter fell notably short of its lofty claims. With a 60V system, it failed to approach the advertised 72mph top speed, barely reaching 50 mph.

Its suspension left much to be desired, plagued by constant bottoming-out and an unsettling clunking noise, courtesy of its coil suspension. The display and voltage key system were lackluster, failing to deliver the crisp visuals we anticipated for a flagship scooter.

However, the narrative takes a positive turn with the introduction of the upgraded 72V LS7+. This revamped version has managed to address most of the prior concerns. By transitioning to a 72V system, integrating more potent motors with increased wattage, offering adjustable suspension, and introducing a new NFC display, Nanrobot has made significant strides in improving the LS7+. While there is still one area of concern in this relaunch, we’ll delve into the specifics later in this review.

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What we love about the 72V Nanrobot LS7+ Scooter

  • Increased power
  • Excellent value
  • NFC Card Reader
  • Speeds of 60 mph
  • LG battery cells, Great acceleration
  • Massive deck
  • Stunning controllable RGB Lights
  • Kick plate angle is ergonomic
  • Steering damper
  • Adjustable suspension
  • More powerful motors
  • 4-piston Nutt Hydraulic brakes.

Increased Power:

The transition to a 72V system delivers a noticeable increase in power, translating to a more potent and exhilarating performance.

2023 2024 72V Nanrobot LS7 from front min

Excellent Value:

You will be hard-pressed to find a scooter for the preorder special price of $2349 that can go 60 mph, has adjustable suspension, sweet lights, and has 11-inch tires. With its robust acceleration and enhanced stability, the 72V LS7+ offers excellent value for riders seeking a thrilling experience.

2023 2024 72V Nanrobot LS7 powerslide min

NFC Card Reader:

The inclusion of an NFC card reader adds a layer of convenience for riders, making unlocking and using the scooter a breeze. It also allows you to secure it from bystanders or family members taking off with the scooter.

Impressive Speed:

While it may not hit the advertised 74 mph top speed, reaching speeds of 60 mph is still an impressive feat for this scooter.

2023 2024 72V Nanrobot LS7 hitting 60mph on speed run verified by Dragy GPS data min
Doing speed runs on the Nanrobot LS7+ with verified Dragy GPS data

LG Battery Cells:

The utilization of LG battery cells ensures reliable and long-lasting battery performance. Nanrobot used to only use DMEGC battery cells which are of lower quality.

Great Acceleration:

The scooter boasts great acceleration, allowing for quick starts where you can roast the tires and do burnouts. The upgraded motors paired with the increased 72V battery system bring enhanced performance and responsiveness to the LS7+.

Spacious Deck:

The massive deck provides ample room for comfortable and secure riding. There is so much space to shuffle your feet and be relaxed for long marathon rides.

2023 2024 72V Nanrobot LS7 massive deck and nice kick plate min

Stunning RGB Lights:

The controllable RGB lights not only add a touch of style but also enhance visibility for nighttime rides. There are lights on the steering pole, neck, and side of the decks.

2023 2024 72V Nanrobot LS7 deck lights and stem lights

Ergonomic Kick Plate Angle:

The ergonomic kick plate angle contributes to rider comfort and control.

2023 2024 72V Nanrobot LS7 getting airborn min

Steering Damper:

A steering damper further enhances stability, especially at higher speeds.

2023 2024 72V Nanrobot LS7 steering damper

Adjustable Suspension:

The inclusion of adjustable suspension allows riders to fine-tune their riding experience for street riding or offroading.

2023 2024 72V Nanrobot LS7 rear adjustable suspension min

4-Piston Nutt Hydraulic Brakes:

These powerful brakes ensure efficient stopping power, enhancing safety. I commend Nanrobot for putting 4-piston Nutt hydraulic brakes on the LS7+. It helps increased stopping power and I like them a lot more than Zoom brakes.

2023 2024 72V Nanrobot LS7 nutt hydraulic brakes

Click here for the current price of the Nanrobot LS7+
Use coupon code: Freshly to save $60 when the preorder sale is over

What we hate about the 72V Nanrobot LS7+

  • Does not hit the advertised top speed of 74 mph
  • The display is hard to read in direct sunlight
  • The safety latch for the folding mechanism is one bolt and can fail
  • The front light is not that bright and the metal cage can bend easily
  • Customer service is overseas and not by a local dealer
  • Wish it was offered in different tire tread options.

Unmet Top Speed Claim:

The scooter still falls short of its advertised top speed of 74 mph, although it reaches a respectable 60 mph. I was disappointed again that Nanrobot claims higher top speeds than is achievable. There are other reviews that show 120km on their display but they aren’t confirmed with GPS data.

Our top speed is verified with four runs in opposite directions certified with Dragy results.

2023 2024 72V Nanrobot LS7 speed comparisons

Display Legibility:

The display can be challenging to read in direct sunlight, which can be inconvenient during daytime rides. There is no P-settings to adjust the brightness. It does look way better than the previous version but it’s frustrating not being able to read your clearly when traveling at speeds of 60mph.

2023 2024 72V Nanrobot LS7 dim display with nfc card reader min

Folding Mechanism Safety:

The safety latch for the folding mechanism relies on a single bolt and has the potential to fail, raising concerns about long-term durability. I wish they had a redundant safety latch that if one component fails, there is a fail-safe backup.

2023 2024 72V Nanrobot LS7 locking mechanism

Front Light Quality:

The front light is not particularly bright, and the metal cage surrounding it is susceptible to bending, which may impact long-term durability. It also gets in the way when twisting the latching mechanism to secure the scooter.

2023 2024 72V Nanrobot LS7 front light with metal cage

Overseas Service:

Servicing for the LS7+ is provided overseas in China, which may pose challenges for customers who prefer local dealer support. Overseas servicing has its delays and there can be a language barrier.

Limited Tire Tread Options:

While the scooter offers impressive performance, the option for different tire tread choices would have been a welcome addition for riders with specific preferences. It only comes with 11-inch by 4-inch off-road tires.

I would like for them to offer it in a street or hybrid off-road tire option.


In conclusion, the 72V Nanrobot LS7+ represents a significant improvement over its predecessor, offering enhanced power, stability, and features. However, there are some areas that could still see refinement to fulfill the scooter’s full potential

Overall, we like what the scooter offers for the price point. It’s not the fastest 72V scooter, but you will be hard-pressed to find another scooter with speeds of up to 60 mph, that has adjustable suspension, sweet lights, a 72V system, and 11-inch tires for the preorder price of $2349.

Click here for the current price of the Nanrobot LS7+
Use coupon code: Freshly to save $60 when the preorder sale is over

2023 2024 72V Nanrobot LS7 great suspension that is adjustable min

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