The Onewheel Podcast with Guest Jimmy Chang

by freshlycharged

Long time fans of my channel will know I’ve been pretty critical of Future Motion. I’ve been a huge fan of the Onewheel while also being a huge critic and for this reason I didn’t know how I’d be received.

But it was the Onewheel that inspired me to start this YouTube channel which has grown in ways I never imagined, and for this I am grateful.

I am also grateful for the time I was banned from commenting on the Onewheel YouTube channel, a little snafu which I’ll share in a video below.

Honestly, at the time, getting banned by the very company that made the product which my YouTube channel revolved around was a pivotal point for the YT channel and inspired me to broaden my horizons and look toward other forms of PEVs like the electric unicycles, scooters, and bikes you see us riding on this channel.

To go from being banned from commenting on the official Onewheel YouTube channel to being pretty much ignored by Future Motion for all these years, you can imagine my surprise when I was invited to visit Future Motion headquarters to join their Podcast.

Here’s the best way to listen to the podcast episode:

Here’s a video I made about that trip and the things I learned about Future Motion and the Onewheel:

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