What ZERO Scooter Is Best For Me?

What ZERO Scooter Is Best For Me?

by freshlycharged

So Many Choices For The Zero Scooter Line, What Do I Choose?

This is an extremely loaded question and I think there are very few who have gotten the chance to try out every single Zero scooter. Luckily for us the amazing owner at REV Rides, Nathan Pust, has graciously provided us with whole ZERO line to test and review. This blog is going to be the most complete guide to the ZERO line scooters.

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Car Purchase Is Just Like An Electric Scooter Purchase

Just like when choosing a car, choosing an electric scooter can be just as difficult. Your choice will be based off your personal preference, budget and needs. We are going to provide a complete guide on what we like and don’t like about the ZERO scooters, so you can make and informed decision when choosing one.

Zero Scooter Lineup

Main Features on the X vs No X

All X Scooters Have:

  • Dual motors
  • Does not lock into itself when folded
  • Keyed security
  • Volt reader
  • Swing arm front and rear spring suspension

All No X Scooters Have:

  • Single motors
  • Locks into itself when folded
  • No keyed security
  • Adjustable stem length
  • Front and rear spring suspension
  • Folding handlebars

The Specs

ZERO Dimensions Complete 1


The ZERO 8 is a entry level scooter. It is designed to help consumers get their feet wet in the electric scooter market without breaking the bank. It is a great scooter at the lowest price of the ZERO line.

Zero 8 Full Scooter

ZERO 8 Positives

  • Budget friendly at only $799
  • Has front and rear suspension
  • Only 40 lbs
  • Rear solid tire to prevent flats
  • Front air tire to make the ride smoother
  • Drum brakes are less maintenance
  • Adjustable stem height of up to 39 inches
  • Folding handlebars to make it compact
  • Great for entry riders
  • Extremely portable – Stem locks down for easy lifting
  • Made to be more maintenance free since it has drum brakes and solid rear tire
Zero 8 Handlebars

ZERO 8 Drawbacks

  • Rear solid tires is not as smooth as air tires
  • Does not go faster than 25 mph
  • Not designed for heavy riders over 220 lbs
  • Not a lot of travel in the suspension
  • Lights are not that bright
  • Single rear brake
  • Does not have hydraulic brakes
  • Hinge makes you lose about 3 inches of usable deck space
  • Small deck space not for the big footed
  • No waterproof IP rating
  • Single motor
  • Single charging port but you can still get a fast charger
Zero 8 Rear Tire

Who Is The ZERO 8 Perfect For?

The ZERO 8 is a perfect scooter for someone who doesn’t want to spend a ton of money. It’s in the same price range of the Ninebot Max but it offers higher top speeds and suspension. The ZERO 8 also offers lower maintenance due to the solid rear tire and single drum brake.

The ZERO 8 is a great choice for those who are looking for a budget friendly scooter that is portable, lightweight and has suspension.

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The ZERO 8X is the birthchild of the ZERO 10X and ZERO 8. It brings a ton of the amazing qualities we love about the ZERO 10X and 8 like dual motors, long travel front spring suspension, solid tires and dual disc brakes. However, it leaves a small footprint because you can fold the handlebars in and it is only on 8 inch tires.

zero 8x electric scooter
The ZERO 8X is the birthchild of the ZERO 10X and ZERO 8.

ZERO 8X Positives

  • Most dependable of Zero line
  • Long range of up to 65 miles on the 26 Ah version
  • Dual disc brakes
  • One of the best braking power scooters – 15 mph to 0 mph in 11.1 feet
  • Long travel front and rear spring suspension
  • 45 Blue LED side deck lighting for great night visibility to oncoming vehicles
  • Dual 800 watt motors
  • Solid rubber tires so you don’t have to worry about flats
  • Wide tires so it gets great traction
  • Extremely fast acceleration
  • 0 to 15mph time of 2.1 seconds
  • Great climbing performance
  • Keyed battery cutoff
  • Maintenance free
  • Foldable handlebars
  • Small footprint
  • Can handle heavier riders up to 265 lbs
  • Dual charging ports
Zero 8X Folded Handlebars
The folding arms of the ZERO 8X make it take up one of the smallest footprints for dual motor scooter.

ZERO 8X Drawbacks

  • Heavy at 72 lbs
  • Brakes are dual disc but not hydraulic
  • Solid rubber tires are not as smooth as pneumatic tires
  • Front directional headlight is not that bright
  • Stem is not adjustable
  • No waterproof IP rating
  • Does not lock into place when folded
  • Not the most portable
Zero 8x Rear Disc brake and suspension

Who Is The ZERO 8X Perfect For?

The ZERO 8X is perfect for those who want to ride far distances on uneven terrain and doesn’t want to deal with maintenance. I would say the ZERO 8X is the most maintenance free scooter of the ZERO line. Even though it’s maintenance free, it offers amazing range, torque, stopping power, and great suspension.

For the most up to date pricing on the ZERO 8X, check out REV Rides. Use coupon code: GOTSCOOTER to save $50


The ZERO 9 is a slight upgrade to the ZERO 8. The ZERO 9 offers a undercarriage lighting, two brakes, larger deck and a slightly bigger tire than the ZERO 8. The ZERO 9 has the same size battery as the ZERO 8 but the motor power is 600 watts vs 500 watts.

Zero 9 Deck Suspention Brake and Tire

ZERO 9 Positives

  • Adjustable stem height of up to 39 inches
  • Folding handlebars to make it compact
  • Extremely portable – Stem locks down for easy lifting
  • Undercarriage blue LEDs
  • LED lights that run up the handlebar for increased safety and night visibility
  • Front disc and rear drum brakes
  • Air filled tires for a more comfortable ride
  • Two brakes, one drum and one disc
  • lightweight at 40 lbs
  • Larger deck than the ZERO 8
  • Larger tires than the ZERO 8
Zero 9 Undercarriage Lighting Full Deck Suspension Tires and Rear Motor

ZERO 9 Drawbacks

  • Hinge makes you lose about 3 inches of usable deck space
  • No waterproof IP rating
  • 22-25 range on low power, so not a ton of range running it on 3rd gear
  • Not a lot of travel in the suspension
  • Wish there was brighter headlights
  • Single motor
  • Not designed for heavy individuals – 220 lb limit
  • Single charging port but you can still get a fast charger
Zero 9 Disc Brake

Who Is The ZERO 9 Perfect For?

If the ZERO 8 deck is too small and you are worried about visibility and braking power, the ZERO 9 is a great choice. The ZERO 9 is still budget friendly and it offers dual brakes, larger deck, and brighter lights. At 40 lbs the ZERO 9 is still portable and offers a ton of great features.

For the most up to date pricing on the ZERO 9, check out REV Rides. Use coupon code: GOTSCOOTER to save $50


The ZERO 10 is the only non X line that can carry over 220 lbs. The deck starts to get pretty large and offers speeds in the 30s and range in the 30s. This is a great scooter for those who want a scooter that goes over 30 mph and doesn’t break the bank.

ZERO 10 Front LED Tire and Handlebars

ZERO 10 Positives

  • Adjustable stem height of up to 39 inches
  • Starting to get into the larger deck
  • Folding handlebars to make it compact
  • LED lights that run up the handlebar for increased safety and night visibility
  • Extremely portable – Stem locks down for easy lifting
  • Not too heavy at 52 lbs.
  • Dual disc brakes
  • Range of 30-35 miles at lower speeds
  • Air tires make for a more comfortable ride
  • Undercarriage LED lighting
  • Designed for heavier riders – 265 lbs
  • Largest deck of the non X ZERO scooters
  • Dual Suspension
  • Largest deck of the non X line
Zero 10 top view

ZERO 10 Drawbacks

  • Hinge makes you lose about 3 inches of usable deck space
  • No waterproof IP rating
  • Not a ton of travel in suspension
  • Wish the tires were tubeless
  • Single motor
  • Wish the headlight was brighter
  • Single charging port but you can still get a fast charger
ZERO 10 Front Suspention Disc Brake Light and Tire

Who Is The ZERO 10 Perfect For?

The ZERO 10 is the perfect choice for heavier riders or those who are located in hilly areas, that do not need a ton of suspension. The ZERO 10 offers the largest deck of the non X line that goes over 30 mph, has dual disc brakes, good lighting, and locks into itself for easier lifting. If you are not planning on going off-roading, the ZERO 10 is a great choice for range, speed, and portability.

For the most up to date pricing on the ZERO 10, check out REV Rides. Use coupon code: GOTSCOOTER to save $50


The ZERO 10X is an amazing high powered scooter that isn’t over 100 lbs. It’s great for off-roading and riding fast on the streets. It’s not the most portable scooter but it is a great all around scooter.

Zero 10X Full Scooter Picture

ZERO 10x Positives

  • Comes in Dual 1000 Watt and Dual 1200 Watt Motors
  • Can go up to 45 mph
  • Has great swing arm suspension for smooth riding on and off road
  • Range of up to 40-50 miles
  • Tons of torque
  • Keyed battery cutoff
  • Great climbing ability
  • Great for off-roading
  • Dual charging ports
  • Designed for heavy riders and can withstand up to 330 lbs
  • Dual hydraulic disc brakes on the 60V version
  • Extremely nimble off small jumps
  • Large disc brakes
  • Compared to other scooters with similar specs, the price is the lowest
  • Option to switch into single or dual motors
  • Option to switch into eco or turbo mode
  • 7 inches of ground clearance
Zero 10X Front Tire Disc Brake Suspension and Dual Charging Port

ZERO 10x Drawbacks

  • I would have preferred a double stem with all this power
  • Not a great commuter scooter
  • Not portable
  • Doesn’t lock into itself when folded
  • Cannot adjust the stem height
  • No waterproof IP rating
  • Single stem can be squeaky but you can fix it with an upgraded folding clamp
  • Stem locking clamp can slide up which can be a safety hazard but can be fixed with the upgraded folding clamp
  • No undercarriage lights
  • Not budget friendly
  • Front projection light is lower to the ground so it doesn’t cast light high
  • High top speeds can be dangerous if you crash
Zero 10X Rear Tire Kickstand Fender Lights Suspension and Deck

Who Is The ZERO 10X Perfect For?

The ZERO 10X is great for those who want the ultimate single mode commuting scooter meaning no bus, subway, or light rail. You get great squishy suspension, strong torque, and amazing climbing ability. It’s perfect for those who enjoy speed and want power to climb hills and do mild off-roading.

For the most up to date pricing on the ZERO 10X, check out REV Rides. Use coupon code: GOTSCOOTER to save $50


The ZERO 11X is the flagship product for the Zero line. It boasts a dual 1600 watt motor and 72V 32Ah battery. It is an incredible piece of machinery but it must be respected.

Zero 11x full size
The Zero 11X is huge! It’s hard to realize how big this scooter is until you see it in person.

ZERO 11x Positives

  • Extreme power and speed
  • Lots of torque
  • Great for tall people
  • Great for heavy riders
  • Amazing climbing ability on steep terrain
  • Dual 1600 watt motors
  • Long Range
  • Lots of travel in suspension
  • Lower costing compared to the Rion or Dualtron
  • Movable headlights
  • Keyed battery cutoff
  • Disc brakes
  • Dual forks that make the stem extremely sturdy
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Great for off-roading
  • Great for street riding
  • Most ground clearance of all the ZERO – 8 inches.
Zero 11X Rear Disc Suspension Tire and Deck
Rear spring swingarm suspension.

ZERO 11x Drawbacks

  • Dangerous top speeds that could lead to serious injury and possibly death
  • Heavy – Weighing in at 131 lbs
  • Not portable
  • Takes two people to lift it
  • Could bring regulation sooner than later
  • Expensive compared to commuter scooters
  • Doesn’t lock into itself when folded
  • No waterproof IP rating
Zero 11X Headlights and Dual Stem
Movable headlights. I wish they were brighter but they are still brighter than most scooter lights.

Who Is The ZERO 11X Perfect For?

The ZERO 11X is designed for the adrenaline junkie that wants tons of power and stability. The dual stems and awesome suspension make it extremely stable at high speeds and hitting small jumps. The ZERO 11X is really designed for skilled riders and is the ultimate ZERO scooter.

For the most up to date pricing on the ZERO 11X, check out REV Rides. Use coupon code: GOTSCOOTER to save $50

How the ZERO line became the most popular scooter in the world

REV Rides has done an incredible job of providing some of the best service in the personal electric vehicle space. Electric scooters are notorious for coming with broken parts or missing and loose screws. REV Rides provides a vigorous quality control on all scooters before they ship them out to ensure customer satisfaction.

REV Rides has made the ZERO scooters a hit in the US. However, the ZERO line is extremely popular in Europe and Asia, making it one of the most iconic scooters around. You can’t go wrong choosing a ZERO scooter and hope this guide helps you with your purchase.

What is my Favorite ZERO Scooter?

I’m going to cheat and choose two of them. I love the latest, greatest and most powerful technology so I would choose the ZERO 11X and ZERO 10X. I would choose the 11X most of the time if it didn’t weigh 131 lbs, but in realty the 10X is much more ideal if I have to haul the scooter to a riding location.

Why I chose the 11X

The ZERO 11X is the ultimate power machine. With speeds of 60+ mph, huge deck, large suspension, and dual stem is makes it a big winner in my book. The thrill you get from riding it is exhilarating.

When traveling at high speeds on smooth pavement, I have not felt a more stable scooter.

If all the riding trails I wanted to go to were in my local area, I would always choose the 11X. However, since I live in the city and most of the off-road trails are far away from me and it is tough to haul the 11X. Because of the lack of portability that is why I chose the 10X as well.

Why I Chose the 10X

The ZERO 10X is the perfect combination of power and mobility. The single stem isn’t as stable as the ZERO 11X but it makes it a lot easier to steer and take tighter turns. Since the 10X is 51 lbs lighter than the 11X it make it way easier to load into vehicles by yourself.

The lighter weight of the 10X makes it a ton of fun because you can easily do wheelies and lift it when jumping. It’s got great torque and can eat steep grades. As soon as you pull the throttle, you can feel the instant power.

Some people would not claim a 80 lb scooter to be portable. However, when you have been lifting 100-130 lb scooters, you start to believe that 80 lbs is no big deal. A bungee cord also solves the problem of the scooter not locking into itself making it easier for loading.

What is Jimmy’s Favorite ZERO Scooter?

Jimmy doesn’t like an underpowered scooter, but he also doesn’t like an overpowered one. Jimmy is just like Goldilocks where he wants something in the middle. The 8X is the perfect scooter that meets all of his needs in the middle.

Jimmy is a conservative rider and is not the most handy. The ZERO 8X isn’t underpowered and offers speeds of up to 35 mph. Since the 8X has solid tires it requires the least amount of maintenance out of all the ZERO line.

The 8X is a little on the heavier side weighing in at 72 lbs, but not too heavy so it can be lifted alone. With amazing ramp up speed, maintenance free tires, and great braking, the 8X is the perfect fit for Jimmy’s lifestyle.

What Questions Should You Be Asking When Buying Your Scooter?

I seen on the forums people asking others, “What scooter they should get?” And every time I see this question, I see biased answers because most people respond with what scooter they currently ride. My favorite response is to ask them questions on their scooter needs.

The most common questions I ask are:

  1. What is your main purpose for buying a scooter?
  2. How far are you traveling?
  3. Are you going to be using public transportation?
  4. Will this only be a final mile solution?
  5. Are you going to recharge at work?
  6. How fast do you want to go?
  7. What kind of range are you looking for?
  8. How heavy are you?
  9. How tall are you?
  10. How big is your vehicle?
  11. Are you mainly going to be riding smooth pavement?
  12. Are you planning on doing off-roading?
  13. Are you handy?

There are a ton of other questions that can be asked, but these are some things to think about when buying your next scooter.

Make an Educated Decision

We hope this give you a better understanding of the ZERO line and helps you make an educated decision. Whether you are buying a ZERO scooter or any other scooter, you can ask yourself those same questions above. Doing research before you buy will help prevent you from having buyer’s remorse.

The great thing about the electric scooter market is that it is exploding. If you buy a scooter you don’t like, they typically hold their resale values pretty well. So don’t stress out too much if you don’t find the perfect scooter the first time!

Please be Respectful and Ride Safe

Scooters are a ton of fun and in the US we currently do not have a ton of regulation. However, it only takes a few disrespectful riders to bring down regulation like in the European countries. Currently most US states do not require us to register, license or insure our scooters.

If we are not respectful of the community and the trail systems, regulation could be the next step. Please make sure to slow down when passing pedestrians, blind corners and bikers. A lot of trail systems do not allow motorized vehicles and if someone is hit by a ZERO 11X at 60 mph, we may be banned forever.

I love speed and power like most scooter enthusiasts, but make sure to do it in safe manner. Together we can have a lot of fun but be respectful of the community in which we reside.

Please Support Us

If you like our content and are interested in buying a ZERO scooter, we would love for you to purchase a scooter through our affiliate link. It helps us greatly to push out more content so you can make an educated decision. Thanks for reading our article and make sure to wear safety gear. Keep on wheeling!

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