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Onewheel Helmet Recommendations for New Riders

by freshlycharged

If you want a helmet that is Onewheel approved, then get the official “Onewheel Helmet” found on their website. It has the important CPSC and ASTM certifications that are so important (more info on that to come) and it is a good looking helmet.

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Official Onewheel Helmet $85


Save some money and get basically the same helmet as the official Onewheel Helmet by getting the Triple Eight Gotham Helmet! Triple Eight is the company that makes the official Onewheel Helmet. The Onewheel Helmet and the Gotham Helmet are basically the same except with different branding and pricing.

 Triple Eight Gotham Helmet
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Triple Eight Gotham Helmet Pros:

  • CPSC and ASTM certified. Legit protection!
  • Stylish look, it’s basically the Onewheel helmet with different branding stickers
  • Reasonable price
  • Adjustable dial for a comfortable fit
  • Established and reputable company

Triple Eight Gotham Helmet Cons:

  • Can get hot in the summer

The Gotham is a great helmet! It’s basically the unofficial Onewheel Helmet because all it is missing is the branding. In addition, you can get it in different colors and at a much cheaper price than the official helmet. Check out Amazon for pricing.


To see how my research led me to choose this helmet out of the pack in addition to 3 other helmets that I really like and recommend, keep on reading.

Do I need to wear a helmet when riding the Onewheel?

The most important accessory you will ever use when riding your Onewheel is the helmet. While a fender is important to keep your shoes and legs clean and a side handle will make the Onewheel easier to carry, a good helmet could save you from irreversible and devastating injury.

I once read a comment on the Facebook Onewheel Owners group that there are two types of Onewheel riders: those who have fallen and those who will fall. Because of the nature of the sport of Onewheel, falls are inevitable. That is why precautions must be taken to minimize the risk of extensive injury.

There are two types of Onewheel riders: those who have fallen and those who will fall.

Your brain is very important. If you break a wrist, sprain a knee, or scrape up an elbow, those injuries will heal with time. Suffer a concussion or a traumatic brain injury and you may never be the same. Brain tissue does not have the same healing properties as muscle and skin and so it needs even greater considerations when it comes to safety.

Everything you have learned in school and in life, all your experiences and treasured memories are kept in your brain and there is no backup. It is not worth risking your brain so that you can look cool when riding. Wear your helmet!

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What type of helmet should I get for riding the Onewheel?

There are 3 main categories to check off before I can consider a helmet worthy to protect my brain or the brains of my wife and kids.

Certification: This is proof that the helmet is safe. When buying a helmet, make sure that it is both CPSC and ASTM certified. Government safety standards for helmets set a standard for helmets to protect against skull fractures and traumatic brain injury. If a helmet does not advertise that it is CPSC certified (Consumer Product Safety Commission) and ASTM certified (American Standard for Testing and Materials) then I would look for another helmet.

While all bicycle helmets sold in the US need to comply by government standards, anyone can make and sell a skateboard helmet. Those manufacturers that go the extra mile to get both the CPSC and ASTM certifications shows that they have what it takes to protect you from a violent head injury.

Style: No matter how many government certifications and no matter how great a helmet may be at protecting your cranium, if the helmet does not look cool, then you or your kid won’t wear it. The industry knows this and there are many different helmet styles to choose from, each with their own selection of colors and designs. So even if a helmet has all the safety features and certifications you are looking for, make sure it also has a style that matches the riders so that they will be more likely to wear it.

Comfort: Just like style, if a helmet is uncomfortable, you are not going to wear it. Look for a helmet that is highly rated as most customers will buy a helmet because they like the way it looks, but it is not until after they buy the helmet and wear it for a while that they realize that it is uncomfortable. Helmet reviews will reflect the experiences of the customer and if the helmet is uncomfortable, they will let it be known through the customer reviews.

What other great helmets should I can consider?

With all the different helmet designs and colors available to choose from, picking a helmet is often seen as a way to express one’s style. With so many different companies, brands, and types of helmets to choose from, I have waded through the pile and narrowed it down to 4 great helmets for you to choose from.

These helmets provide the combination of safety, style and comfort. If you see on that you like, click the image to go to Amazon and learn more.

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Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet

Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet: This is a great budget choice for premium protection. Pro-Tec has been around for ages and they are an established and trusted name. However, be aware that like many helmet companies, not all of their helmets have CPSC and ASTM certifications. This one does, and it comes in many colors. Check Amazon for colors options and pricing.


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Flybar  Budget Helmet

Flybar Helmetir?t=poormd 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01M2V3KT4While not as well known, the Flybar helmet touts the all important safety certifications from CPSC and ASTM and is the least expensive and most well reviewed helmet on Amazon. For $30 you are getting a safe and stylish helmet which gets rave reviews. The large vents to keep your noggin cool on those hot summer rides and some may find some of the available designs appealing. Check it out here.


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Triple Eight Gotham Helmet with MIPS

Triple Eight Gotham Helmet with MIPS: This final pick is for those who want the absolute newest and greatest technology to protect their brain. If money is no object and you really want the best helmet technology, then this is it. Featuring MIPS tech (multi directional impact protection system) designed by neurosurgeons and neuroscientist, this thing will give you and your brain the best shot to survive a traumatic crash. It is significantly more expensive than my other picks, but only a few dollars more than the Official Onewheel helmet. Check it out at Amazon.

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