Review of the King Song S18 with Molicel P42a Battery Upgrade

Review of the King Song S18 with Molicel P42a Battery Upgrade

by freshlycharged

The King Song S18 gets a huge upgrade with the optional upgraded Molicel P42a battery cells which gives an amazing looking suspension wheel some much needed power.

Who will love the King Song S18 “Special Edition” with Molicel P42a cells?

Those looking for a suspension EUC that is one of the best looking EUCs ever made will be pleased with the big power upgrade on the King Song S18 Special Edition.

With Molicel P42a packs, the King Song S18 can no longer be called an anemic wheel.

Jimmy Chang

King Song S18 special edition

What will Molicel P42a batteries do for the King Song S18?

Ewheels states that the Molicel P42a battery packs will give the King Song S18 greater than four times the power.

This does not mean that the King Song S18 will go faster or that it will even go farther. In fact, the overall battery pack capacity of the Molicel P42a version is 903 Wh which is smaller than the LG M50LT packs which come in at 1,110 Wh.

King song s18 review 2022

But just because the Molicel P42a packs are smaller, does not mean they have less range or are less powerful. In fact, the smaller P42a packs are considered “power” cells because of the higher current, lower resistance, and lower voltage sag which results in a more consistent power delivery during use.

Other battery cells may have higher capacity are known as storage cells, often used in portable battery banks because of their larger capacity. But to be able to store a higher capacity, these cells will have higher internal resistance which means lower current and higher voltage sag to the point that if the voltage sag is too great and the motor becomes starved of power, this will lead to motor cut outs while riding.

In the past, the King Song S18’s performance declined below about 80% charge and then drastically declined below 50-40% charge. With the Molicel P42a battery upgrade for the King Song S18, expect a more consistent experience while riding throughout the charge of the battery.

This means less risk for over powering the S18 while riding. It also means potentially just as much and maybe more range than the larger battery pack because the lower resistance Molicel P42a cells will be able to dig deeper into low charge states to deliver a consistent ride.

Kingsong S18 Special edition

When given the option, battery experts agree that the Molicel P42a is the only way to go…

Don’t take my word for it. Battery expert, Mario Contino teaches us why he prefers the Molicel P42a cells in this video:

What I love about the King Song S18 with Molicel P42a?

  • Much improved power
  • Still one of the best looking EUCs around
  • Very good suspension that’s easy to adjust
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Good headlight
  • Good trolley handle
King song s18 2022 review

What needs to improve on the King Song S18 with Molicel P42a?

  • Pedals came with peeling grip tape out of the box
  • Pedals need more tension to keep them from flopping open and closed
  • Body design limits types of custom power pads that may be used
King song S18 molicel


With Molicel P42a packs, the King Song S18 can no longer be called an anemic wheel.

Yes, you won’t be taking the S18 on long marathon rides or on high speed races but that is not what the S18 Special Edition is designed for.

This EUC is design for fun, smooth, and playful rides under 30 miles and with the Molicel P42a cells, you’ll be able to ride with confidence even when your charge is below 50%.

I do not recommend this EUC for heavy riders who like to ride aggressively.

Check out pricing and availability of the King Song S18 Special Edition with Molicel P42a at Ewheels.

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